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Toyota and Subaru to hold hands to create affordable sports car

Posted in Sports Cars, Toyota by David | May 29th, 2008 | 1 Response |

Is it me or are car companies spending more time working together than ever before? Every time I load up my car news it seems as though one company is holding its competitors hands on one project or another. This story is no different. Toyota and Subaru will be partnering to develop an affordable sports car that should hit global markets by the end of 2011.

toyota subaru sports car

Expect pricing to start just under $20,000. It will be sold under the Subaru brand globally except in Japan where it will be marketed under the Toyota brand. Go figure. Not that bad looking either if you ask me.

Source: InsideLine

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One Response

  1. mobitronia says:

    This is good news to sports car enthusiasts and those people who want to have a sports car that would fit in their budgets. It is time that these cars get to be affordable for the masses.