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Touareg owners off road in Utah

Posted in Road Trips, Volkswagen by Corey | June 26th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

A growing trend now days is for owners of specific cars to have a day, weekend or even longer, run by the car maker where they can get to grips with their new vehicle.

The latest is the Trail rides for the VW Touareg; these will take place in Moab, the state of Utah. This is a great opportunity to get those cars off road and see exactly what they can do and to see what the cars look like when they get a little bit dirty and possibly even get mud on the car.


The off road adventures will last for three days, a typical day would start with cocktails and gourmet food served at the Sorrel River Ranch, this would then be followed by some eight hours of trail driving, the courses have been designed to push the car and driver beyond the normal driving conditions that they are used to.


There is a guide for every two drivers, which is a pretty good ratio, so there is no excuse for missing something or hiding at the back of the pack, if you go here you can expect to get dirty along with your beloved car.

The cost of the experience is $2,000 per person, for the three days, but other members of the family can attend too for an extra $500 per person. Quite an expense, but also an experience to remember for all.

Source [Autoblog]

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