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Top Three Most Economical Cars in 2011

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When buying an economical new car, you want to make sure that you choose an affordable model that matches your budget. Economical, however, means more than just the car’s sale price. You should also think about other factors that affect the long-term cost of the vehicle, such as the price of fuel, repairs and insurance for the car. These are three of 2011’s most economical cars that can help you save money long after you drive off the lot.

2011 Cars with Top Fuel Economy

You never know whether a gallon will cost you $3 or $5. You can count on one thing, though: economic trends show that fuel prices will continue to grow over the next decade. That means you need to think about fuel efficiency when choosing an economical car.

For just $18,000, the Honda Insight Hybrid offers an economical choice with excellent fuel efficiency. This hybrid gets 43 MPG on the highway and, even more impressive, 40 MPG in the city. Oddly enough, this isn’t the most popular car on the market. With such a low ticket price, though, it’s a steal for anyone who can spot a good deal.

The Honda Civic Hybrid offers the same fuel efficiency (Highway MPG 43, City MPG 40), but it costs about $24,000. If you can afford to spend the extra money, this is a wonder car that handles well and looks great. Given that the Insight costs $6,000 less, though, it’s clearly more economical.

Repair Costs for 2011 Cars

Hybrids can help you save money on fuel, but a lot of mechanics don’t have training to repair them. That often means higher repair and maintenance costs that can add up over time, making your good deal a little less impressive.

Honda comes through again with the Honda CR-Z. This sporty car runs on gasoline, making it easier to fix in most garages. Plus, the CR-Z sells for under $20,000. It also has good fuel efficiency with 39 MPG on the highway and 35 MPG in the city.

Insurance for 2011 Cars

Shopping for auto insurance can help you find an affordable option that matches your budget. Ask insurance companies to give you price quotes before you buy a car. That way, you can include the insurance costs in the total price of the vehicle, helping you choose the one that is truly most affordable.

Generally, insurance for sporty cars costs more than policies for cars that emphasize safety features.

After considering these factors, which 2011 car will you choose? Does it make sense for you to spend a little more money buying a car if it means saving in the long run?

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