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Top Gear Wrap Up: Season 1

Posted in General, Television, Top Gear, Videos by Jennifer Nicole | February 1st, 2011 | 8 Responses |

*Photo credit: History.com

As the first season of Top Gear on History channel comes to a close I’m left with bittersweet feelings. I’m going to miss the hosts over the next few months who have entertained me the past ten episodes with their shenanigans. I still can’t believe Tanner Foust drifted an Evo on the ski runs of Mammoth I love to snowboard on.  I loved watching the Couple DeVille get completely wrecked by Adam.  How about the Alaska trip? You know if you could plow over someones makeshift house you would do the same. Truth be told, I was there at the first taping, and that guy Brian from the second episode, “Blind Drift,” was blind. I didn’t believe it until his dog pissed on stage and Brian didn’t know what was going on.

*Photo credit: History.com

This season had some really great moments we should take a minute to remember. “Cobra Attack” was something definitely worth watching. If you’ve been involved in cross country car rallies like I have, you would have especially enjoyed this episode. Running from a helicopter on open roads is nothing short of an extreme adventure. Trust me, I’ve been in the middle of the desert with a bird on my tail and the adrenaline rush is better than a night with Brad Pitt. Actually, I don’t even like Brad Pitt but you get my drift. Speaking of drift, Tanner put his co-hosts to shame when he beat them in a challenge they set up to win with a blind man. That really happened; in sequence. This isn’t Ken Blocks gymkhana video, super edited and packaged together in a nice youtube video. Check it again. Brian drifted the 350Z like a bad ass, too bad he couldn’t see it to believe it. No pun intended.

Did you know that Tanner used to work for a used car dealership? No wonder he knew how to schmooze his customer in episode 7. Way to go Adam Ferrera on taking the “Zen approach.” He knew the Pasadena Recovery Center was less than ten miles away from Glendale and if there was any chance Axl Rose was still there he would most likely buy the green machine to get him over the hill back to the Rainbow Room.

*Photo credit: Hiren.info

“America’s Toughest Trucks” is definitely an episode not to have missed. The guys set out on an adventure of a lifetime roaming the wilderness of Alaska. The picturesque backdrop and jaw dropping views shown in this episode are enough to make this one my favorite. The mission was to see which truck could withstand the most obstacles made up by the producers of the show. At the end Tanner’s truck was the only one left standing and it had to touch a glacier before being crowned champion. The episode was completely unscripted where we got a chance to see real chemistry between the guys. Rutledge, Tanner and Adam shined.

*Photo credit: History.com

Top Gear has the sustainability to keep it running like a well oiled machine. This was only season one and it has showed us far more potential than season 1, 2 AND 3 of the beloved UK version. It’s only going to get better from here. Let’s hope the producers were taking note this season of all the comments, blogs, forums and mail they received for future improvements of the show. For starters, the Suzuki has to go. I want to see the guys sit down with Jason Statham, Paul Walker, David Beckham, Heidi Klum (proud owner of a Bentley) and I’ll even settle for Sharon Stone, who in 2008 was honored in an exhibit by Ferrari. Here’s my contribution to anyone at TG reading this: Bring back NASCAR to it’s origins with Daytona beach racing; I’m sure Rutledge will be the first to sign on for that. Get Tanner in a Ford GT over at Le Mans. We want to see the GT beat Ferrari at it’s own game again. Adam Ferrera, A.K.A. Chief “Needles” Nelson, should show us what a firetruck is capable of. Hmmm… I wonder if Rutledge’s body could withstand the pressure of a fire house.  I am for certain that these guys are going to be working hard on the next season of TG and if it’s anything like the rumors I’ve been hearing around town we have something to look forward to.

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8 Responses

  1. BigRuss says:

    after the 3rd episode it started to become a decent show… im looking forward to the 2nd season…

  2. BlackPrince says:

    Top Gear USA is the most garbage automotive show on the planet.
    Evo video reviews, Top Gear UK, Fifth Gear, Autocar, Sky motoring and overdrive are far far better, and some of those aren’t even on TV, they;’re jst on youtube. So you’d think that a show w/ a big enough budget to get on TV would be of a decent standard. Sadly not.

    Hell, I enjoy some Czech and Dutch shows about cars more than I enjoy TGUSA and I don’t even speak those languages!

    The problems of TGUSA are threefold
    a) THey don’t give any real information about the cars or review their handling etc properly
    b) The hosts lack personality and are idiots
    c) There are no cool shots of the cars, nor even extended tracking shots where you can really hear the car’s engine and exhaust notes properly

    This show will be deemed an epic fail by car enthusiasts (some of whom already hate UK TG), and will be regarded as boring and fake by non-car enthusiasts who just want an entertaining show to watch.

    It will get cancelled eventually and rightfully so.

    TG Australia doesn’t have the budget, the effort, or the “charisma” of TG UK, but its very watchable and if you love cars you’ll really enjoy the show. TG USA on the other hand…

    • Nic says:

      I’d say “Setup” is by far the most garbage automotive TV show to date. If we can make Fast & the Furious cash in at over a billion dollars then TG USA should do just fine.

  3. Crestfallen says:

    …this show cannot hold a stick to the original. I still think a better selection of hosts could have made the show. I will still tune in, however, with jaded eyes.

    • BigRuss says:

      the hosts do not have much chemistry like.. its just like the very FIRST season of TGUK. they had some big fat guy who was always talking bout deals you can get on boring cars. they replaced him with Richard and the rest is history. but i say if they replaced Tanner with someone who works well with Rutledge and Adam (because they are the only 2 with any chemistry) and keep up with how they were towards the end of the season then it will be better..

  4. Lee says:

    twas good, I think they did a very good job of the challenges and such although I kind of dislike Rutledge I think this show could still be quite good. They lack the entertaining banter of Top Gear UK but make up for some of that with some particularly interesting subjects and challenges.

  5. Jose A says:

    In all honesty the show is pretty bad. The host aren’t funny and they lack personality. Also, they copy the UK episodes so it’s like watching top gear uk but with guys that aren’t interesting or funny. i watched 5 episodes and stopped… I got BBC so I’ll stick to just watching the UK version.

  6. Leigh says:

    I thought the first season was quite enjoyable. I don’t know why it has to be this or the UK one – it’s great to be able to watch two fun car shows instead of just one. The more the merrier.