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Top brands flock to the Shanghai Auto Show

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It seems that the popularity of the Chinese auto market just gets bigger by the day, for the top car manufacturers china is the growth market and perhaps that is why they are all taking no chances at this years Shanghai Auto Show which opens on Sunday (22nd April).

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Among the home grown cars to be shown are that of the Nanjing Automobile Group who bought the Rover and MG motor companies and Shanghai Automotive Industries Corp, who plan to show off a new sedan style car which is powered by fuel cell technology and is said to be able to reach a top speed of almost 93 mph.

There will be news coming out before the show actually opens, because there are “Press Days” on Friday and Saturday, this will enable all the new and concept models to get an extra bit of pre show publicity, like the BMW Z9 a concept version of the companies sports car, although this is a concept car it is believed that the Z9 is not too far away from the car that will become the competitor for Mercedes and Audi market.


Why is this event so important to the major brands? Well it is simple, china is now the second largest vehicle market in the world, the number one being the US, with around 7.2 million vehicles being sold last year, which is a rise of around 25% on the previous year, quite an incredible turnaround considering that is was not that long ago when china was considered to be the bicycle capital of the world.

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