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Top 5 Automotive Death Scenes

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John Carpenter's Christine

Motion pictures have been providing audiences the world over with different ways for people to die for over 100 years. We’ve seen people blown up, decapitated and disemboweled in all sorts of ways and the kicker is, we actually pay to see this. Obviously as car enthusiasts our favorite ways to see people slam into the great beyond is via our four-wheeled friends. Sure we love them and take care of them, but even so, our prized possessions can sometimes be used for bad deeds. The following five videos are just simple examples of how the movies have used our vehicular friends for doom and gloom, while at the same time entertaining the crap out of us at every turn. Enjoy.

• Pineapple Express – Daewoo Lanos Mutha’ F*cker!

First off, any movie out there with Danny McBride in it is bound to be frickin’ hilarious, however this scene from Pineapple Express takes it to a whole new level. Not only does he flatten poor Craig Robinson, but he then proceeds to blow the top of his foot clean off with a shotgun. This ladies and gentlemen, is movie magic at its best.

• Bullitt Car Chase: Charger Demise

The poor 1968 Dodge Charger R/T from Steve McQueen’s Bullitt ended up meeting its demise in a stunt that went horribly wrong. You see originally the Charger was supposed to slam into the fuel tanks in this clip and explode, but if you watch closely you’ll see it misses them completely at the chases conclusion. Either way, blowing up in a classic muscle car wouldn’t be the worst way to go.

• The Road Warrior – Death for Everybody

Hmm… not really sure where to start with this one because people dye everywhere in this mofo’. In no particular order we’ve got the guy with the gimpy legs that gets pulled over the side of the running tanker truck, the hot warrior chick that gets shot with arrows, poor Pappagallo gets an axe in his back and then off course Vernon Wells who played the mohawk wearing Wez, gets flatten upon impact with the Lord Humungous. No joke, this is 11 minutes and 38 seconds of pure vehicular carnage.

• Christine – The Death of Buddy Reperton

Let’s see, we’ve got a pissed off 1958 Plymouth Fury, a bad boy in a 1969 Camaro and a gas station full of fuel. Yep… this is a total recipe for disaster. As most of you know Christine was possessed by the devil from day one and swathed a path of death and destruction over her entire four-wheeled career. I have a feeling though that Buddy Reperton, the films resident bad guy, was a nice feather in the old Fury’s cap when it made fried calamari out of him.

• Thelma & Louise – Return to Meat Patty Canyon

Here’s a quick synopsis of Thelma & Louise. Two chicks leave crappy relationships when they hit the road in a 1964 Ford Thunderbird. They then proceed to take a road trip where one of them (Thelma) almost gets raped outside of a bar. She then gets mad, shoots the guy (and rightly so) and then goes on the lamb with her friend Louise. They get chased by the cops, rob a gas station and then, as opposed to telling their story to the cops, simply sail off into the great abyss that is the Grand Canyon… it’s a foofy ending I know, but moviegoers seemed to dig it.

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7 Responses

  1. Michael Koltuniak says:

    The only one I would add is the final scene from the 1971 Vanishing Point.

  2. Seth says:

    What about The Car? Satan’s RR going off a cliff and then coming back again.

  3. One issue with accident death scenes in movies is that they are unrealistic; they make movie believers think that fatal accidents look clean and nice and that the person in the crash looks just “asleep”. However in real life, some accidents are gruesome; people get decapitated and body parts get cut off and there is blood everywhere, not just a cut on the head etc. I never knew this until we had the internet; before I thought it was nice and clean like it’s in the movies. I’m not saying movies should show it as it really is; no one wants to see that. However, accidents look so “clean” in movies.

  4. MrAngry says:

    You are 100% correct… honestly, films wouldn’t be allowed to show what happens in reality. Like you said, it’s far to gruesome.

  5. Mr. Fuji says:

    Pumpkin! IIRC, the car goes through a barricade ond off a cliff, the spontaneously explodes in midair before hitting the ground.

  6. 909Brad says:

    What about when Cameron kicks the teeth in on the ’61 GT California and then throws it out the window of dad’s garage and 4 stories down into the canyon below…