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Toothpaste on a license plate? Only in China…

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Toothpaste on Chinese Porsche

Back in college we used to have this trick at the end of every semester we’d use in the dorms. You see inevitably we’d be hanging everything from banners to beer signs in our dorm rooms, but to do this we’d end up drilling holes in the concrete walls. Being college kids, and looking for easy ways to cover our mild vandalism, we’d use toothpaste to fill in all the holes we’d make throughout the course of the year. Now granted, the fixes weren’t perfect, but to the naked eye you’d have sworn you were looking at a bad spackle job and not some minty white Crest. Apparently though we weren’t the only ones too have used toothpaste to fool others. Take this Porsche owner in China for example. He tried using it to doctor up his license plate. I give him full credit for his creativity, but in this case he should’ve probably gone a different route.

Source: Autoblog.com

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