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Too Much Isn’t Enough: Lingenfelter’s Latest CTS-V Upgrade

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Horsepower and art combined. Image: Lingenfelter

If you’ve been holding back on buying a Cadillac CTS-V because 556 horsepower just wasn’t enough for you, Lingenfelter Performance has your back. Go ahead and buy that CTS-V, then have it shipped to Lingenfelter in Decatur, IL, for the full-meal-deal LPE package install. The net result will be over 700 horsepower at the crank, and 623 rear-wheel horsepower. The full LPE package will also give you 617 ft lb of torque at the rear wheels, which ought to make light work of turning those expensive Michelin Pilots into tire smoke.

Lingenfelter starts with porting and polishing of the cylinder heads, then adds larger intake and exhaust valves. Stiffer valve springs and a hotter cam come next, followed by a smaller diameter supercharger drive pulley. Lingenfelter polishes everything they can in the intake tract, and adds their own intake duct and a K&N filter. Higher-flow fuel injectors are installed, followed by a 160 degree thermostat and a custom ECU tune. Each customer gets a certificate of authenticity and a 2 year, 24,000 mile warranty, and Lingenfelter claims that highway fuel economy remains unchanged.

The package runs $11,245.00, including installation; an additional 144 horsepower doesn’t come cheap, especially when installed by a world-class tuner. If you want performance and reliability, and you’ve got the bank account (and a current generation CTS-V), head on over to the Lingenfelter website to schedule your upgrade. Tell them that Kurt at RideLust sent you, and maybe they’ll toss me the keys to a development car for a full review.

Source: Lingenfelter

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