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Too Much Information: Banned Florida Plates

Posted in Car Accessories, News, Politics, Pop Culture by Kurt Ernst | October 3rd, 2011 | 2 Responses |

States are getting smarter when it comes to vanity plates, and the days when you could sneak a tag like A55 MAN past the DMV are long gone. Ditto with FOR PLAY, which really can have a relatively innocent meaning on a Jeep or sports car (though probably not on a Harley). Still, you’d be amazed at the tags people request, assuming that no one at the state motor vehicle office is paying attention.

The Sun Sentinel, a south Florida newspaper, recently ran a photo essay on banned plates, complete with a mock-up of some of the more, um, interesting requests, Since Florida’s DMV shoots down some 1,800 requests per year, the list is hardly comprehensive. Still, why would you want a plate that reads WE SWING? Do you think that’s going to help with your jihad to spread herpes and genital warts to the entire state of Florida?

Then there’s GANGMBR, which may as well read TRFFC STOP or SHOOT ME. ORGAZM is another odd choice, and if it was a guy driving I’d be inclined to avoid his slip stream. A55 KIKR and ASL BOSS are guaranteed to get you a solid beat-down, sooner or later, but we could all benefit from a good beating now and then. DAM YNKE is a particularly bad choice north of Daytona Beach, since a lot of natives around here aren’t convinced the Civil War is really over.

If you’re inclined to pop for a personalized license plate, we wish you the best of luck in getting one with any amount of innuendo approved. Even if the state says yes, all it takes is another driver to be offended, and then you can kiss that plate goodbye. Just remember that there aren’t any laws on offensive bumper stickers (yet), so let your adhesive-freak-flag-fly, EZ LAY.

Source: Autoevolution

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2 Responses

  1. Todd Roman says:

    Try “370HSSV”……….most people give up, I tell the girls to bend over and read it upside down between their knees.