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Tom Cruise to roll in new BMW 6-Series in Mission Impossible 4.

Posted in BMW, Celebrity Cars, Movie Cars, Movies, muscle cars, New Cars by MrAngry | November 9th, 2010 | 3 Responses |

2012 BMW 6-Series

Yes ladies and gentlemen, it’s true, Hollywood has decided to make yet another Mission Impossible movie starring Tom Cruise. The movie is entitled Mission Impossible: The Ghost Protocol, where Cruise will reprise his role a super agent Ethan Hunt. His mission will be to no doubt try and once again, save the world from some exotic disease, a stolen nuclear weapon or some other form of mass destruction. The good news for us though, aside from the big explosions and action, is that it’s rumored that Cruise will be rolling heavy in the new BMW 6-Series. You see apparently Mr. Cruise was invited to a special preview of the new 6-Series drop top, which I am sure made his day. As of right now we have no details about the plot other than that Jeremy Renner has joined the cast and plays a young agent that Cruise supervises. Hopefully he’ll steal the BMW and have a great car chase with it, with guns, helicopters and naked women. They do that and I have a feeling this sucker could become a blockbuster.

Source: BMWBlog.com

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3 Responses

  1. The Cruiser may be a bit nutso but he’s a darn good actor. I agree that the spy flicks are a bit predictable with the whole “saving the world thing” but I love the exotic locations and all the high end cars (such as the Aston Martin’s in the 007 flicks!) and the jet setting lifestyle It just lets me escape into fantasy land for a moment and live vicariously through others (which makes me feel better because my real life is veeery boring and monotonous).

  2. Lawyno says:

    So there are already two bad things in the movie, Tom Cruise and BMWs.
    Hope it doesn’t get worse!

    BMW didn’t create even one car in the last few years which made me wanna drive it. The design is everything but beautiful. So… well, they’re at least good enough to get wrecked in a movie.

    Oh yeah, Cruise maybe a good actor… yes I think he is… but that doesn’t change the matter that I don’t like him.

  3. eddie_357 says:

    lots of people hate TC but but good eye candy is good eye candy,the big screen is where movies like this shine,and the movie goers will flock to it,me included.as for bmw the pigs who drive them blow,but they are still somewhat,nice cars.aston martin it is not however.