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Toledo, Ohio To Become Jeep Off Road Mecca?

Posted in 4x4, General, Jeep, Off-Roading by Kurt Ernst | April 25th, 2010 | 4 Responses |

You’ve driven the Rubicon Trail a dozen times. You’ve covered every square inch of Moab, UT and there isn’t a Jeep trail in the Rockies that you haven’t navigated. Are you man (or woman) enough to tackle the trails of Toledo, Ohio?

The first production version of what would become the Jeep Wrangler was Willys model MB, produced by Willys in Toledo, Ohio. The original Willys Jeep plant was torn down in 2006, but the city of Toledo wants to honor the roots of the storied vehicle. Plans are underway to create an off-road theme park for Jeep owners, in time to commemorate the 70th year of Jeep production in 2011.

Don’t plan your vacation to Toledo just yet: as of now, the park is still in the planning stages. To move forward, Toledo needs to purchase the land, fund construction and market the idea to Jeep lovers worldwide. If done correctly, this could open the doors to additional off road theme parks in other rustbelt cities. Who wouldn’t want the thrill of dodging small arms fire in the burned out ruins of Gary, Indiana? You wouldn’t even need to build a park; just fence off downtown, charge admission from a bulletproof guardhouse and tell drivers to have fun. I’d recommend a carefully worded liability waiver, just to be safe.

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4 Responses

  1. Dave says:

    I think that is an awesome idea. A “safe” place to get your mud bogging\rock climbing\beer drinking itch scratched. I would suggest that there be different “tracks” for different levels (no pun intended) of vehicles, so that not only the guy with three first names bring his 4 ft high off the ground mud flinger in, but Joe Blow can bring his stock 4×4 in as well. Plus some spectator stands placed through out woule be great.

  2. BuzzLOL says:

    .. Please refrain from using the put down word “rustbelt” in future comments… this is actually a WONDERFUL area…!!!

  3. Kurt says:

    BuzzLOL, I actually use “rustbelt” as a term of respect. Cities like Toledo, Buffalo, Pittsburg and Cleveland helped us win WWI and WWII; less than a century later, manufacturing in this country is all but non-existent because corporations weren’t satisfied with “sufficient” profits.

    I’d love to see a renaissance in the manufacturing heartland of this country. When that happens, I’ll stop using the term rustbelt.