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Tokio Hotel’s Monster VMA Arrival On Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Posted in Bizarre, Celebrity Cars, Newsworthy, Trucks by Suzanne Denbow | September 8th, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

Yes, I admit I watched the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards last night, but ONLY to have a front row seat in the event that my favorite hot mess Britney Spears crashed and burned again [she didn’t, but she still isn’t quite the MILF that Christina Aguilera is]. Even though my reviews of just about everything are usually scathing and bitter-cat-lady-ish, the ’08 VMA’s truly sucked. The whipped topping on the shit sundae was this year’s host, UK’s Russel Brand. I like to consider myself “with it”, but I have no idea who the hell that guy was and although he was probably going for the “suicide couture” look, his image left me with the distinct impression that he was either a.) coming off the crest of one mean bender with Kate Moss or b.) one of those guy-liner wearing kids from My Chemical Romance…at any rate, the single redeeming moment of the entire event was Tokio Hotel’s red carpet Grave Digger-revival grand entrance.Despite their effeminate clothing and angst-ridden music, emo band Tokio Hotel’s arrival was badass on AC/DC levels when the rolled up in a custom-painted Monster truck. My small victory over the compact car movement ultimately proved to be short-lived when another group I’ve never heard of, Paramore, showed up looking properly antiestablishment in a fleet of smart cars.

[Photo Source:MTV/Frank Miceoletta/Getty Images]

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