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To Win A Dodge Journey, You Just Need To Find It

Posted in Cool Stuff, Cross Over Vehicle, Dodge, Games by Kurt Ernst | September 11th, 2011 | Leave a Reply |

The 2012 Dodge Journey. Image: Chrysler Group LLC

We’re not crossover fans here at RideLust, since no one has built one with 800 horsepower and AWD (yet). Still, if we had to pick one to drive above the others in the steamed-white-rice herd, it would very likely be the Dodge Journey. It’s comfortable, it isn’t the slowest of the bunch and it’s entirely boring to drive: it’s not as engaging as the Mazda5, but it’s bigger and by our estimates, anyway, more comfortable for cross-country road trips.

Dodge is calling the Journey a “search engine for the real world,” and to prove its point, they’re giving away three Journeys to contest winners who are looking for an adventure. The rules are simple: to with one of three Journeys that Dodge is putting up for grabs, all you have to do is find it. Beginning on September 10, Dodge will begin posting clues to the location of a Journey parked somewhere in the Western United States. The following week, beginning on September 16, Dodge will begin posting clues to the location of one parked in the Midwest, and on September 23 they’ll do the same for one parked in the Eastern United States. All clues, as well as links to contest details, can be found on Dodge’s You Tube page.

There’s a time limit to the contest as well, and it’s over on September 27 or when all three Dodge Journeys have been snagged by industrious fans. We’re pretty sure that Dodge won’t make things easy, but we’re also sure that all three examples will be found. Between Mike and myself, we’ve driven through just about every state in the lower 48, and I’ve even lived in four of them (and counting). A Journey wouldn’t be my first choice of rides, but a free car is a free car. Besides, when it comes to crossovers, there aren’t many I’d rather park in my driveway.

Source: Dodge

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