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Tilt-Shift Formula Drift by Joe Ayala.

Posted in Drifting, driving, Fast Cars, General, Racing, Videos by MrAngry | November 9th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

The beauty of being creative is that nobody can give you “NO” for an answer. Take this video shot by Joe Ayala for example. You see Joe wanted to get into the Formula Drift event that was being held at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma CA, but when media officials took matters into their own hands and denied Joe entrance, he did what any uber creative person would do, he said f*ck you and then proceeded to shoot one of the coolest drift videos to date with a rented tilt shift lens and an eye for the incredible. What’s most amazing about this video is that when first looking at it, it doesn’t seem real but more like a stop motion animation project. Combine that with the music of Gary Jules in the form of Mad World, and you’ve got a video that is simply fantastic to watch. Like Joe said, “Fate truly couldn’t have presented me with a finer opportunity.”

Source: Devour.com

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