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Thy Wooden-Rimmed HUMMER H3 Be Quite Bitchin’, Brother Ezekial

Posted in Car Photography, Cars, Custom, Design, GM, Hummer, Newsworthy, Pop Culture by Suzanne Denbow | October 16th, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

Parked outside the Royal Academy of Arts in London, the wooden-rimmed HUMMER H3 pictured above is a work of art created by Matthew Harrison – who is perhaps the only artist currently in existence who has not d├ęcoupaged some craptacular, incorrectly-scaled HUMMER to symbolize “the greed of corporations, man.” Refreshingly, Harrison’s wagon-wheeled HUMMER is actually a celebration of the HUMMER’s revolutionary achievements in automotive engineering and has even been formally embraced by the romper stomper itself. In a press release formally introducing the Wild West HUMMER as an exhibit at the Zoo Art Fair 2008, Corin Richards of HUMMER was quoted as saying, “Similar to HUMMER, this sculpture really is like no other. As well as being built for action, the H3 certainly has a unique, iconic style. We were thrilled to be approached by Matthew and glad to be supporting his work at the Zoo Art Fair.”

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Source: AutoBlog.com

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