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RideLust Steps Inside NFL Running Back Thomas Jones’ Garage

Currently a running back for the New York Jets, Thomas Jones keeps a colorful lineup of whips in his garage including a candy apple red Rolls Royce Phantom, a violently orange Ferrari 360 Spider, and a surprisingly subdued cool-blue Range Rover. Media shy both by nature and on principle, a glimpse into Jones’ private life is a rare treat indeed as Jones is one of those increasingly rare NFL players with a healthy dose of humility. Although it seems painfully cliched to further explain that Jones’ grew up in a small coal mining town to hard-working parents who always stressed the value of education – it’s a fact worth mentioning regardless.

A phenomenal athlete with an unpretentious character the likes of which I haven’t seen Barry Sanders, I like Thomas Jones so much, I’m not even going to give him a hard time for that obscenely-hued Phantom.

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2 Responses

  1. The man has some great cars in his garage, this is the only time that I get a little green and wish I had loads of money, just to have a couple of hot cars in my garage instead of my little one. :)