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This Is Why You Have AAA

Posted in FAIL / Funny, Funny, Videos by Kurt Ernst | November 17th, 2011 | 2 Responses |

We’ve all been there. You’re late for a job interview, a jealous husband (whose wife you’ve been going heels-to-Jesus with) is on his way home, or maybe you just thought flipping off the bouncer after getting tossed from the club was a good idea. Whatever the circumstances, cars tend to pick the worst possible times to die.

Cars neither understand nor care when you throw them a good beating, either. Instead, you’re usually the loser in these battles, as flesh and bone tends to break before things like automotive glass. Ripping your driver’s side door off it’s hinges won’t revive a dead battery, either, no matter how enthusiastically you go about doing it.

We know the video is an ad for a battery company, but that’s beside the point. It could be real life, since most of us have been this pissed off at our cars from time to time. Here’s our advice: when this happens, chill out and call AAA. If you have jumper cables, grab them and pound on your neighbor’s doors until someone agrees to help. Finally, if you have to beat down a car, make sure it isn’t yours; the only thing that sucks more than buying a new battery is having to buy a new headlight, windshield and driver’s door.

Crazy Man Wrecks His Car!

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2 Responses

  1. Set says:

    Or drive a stick. You can always push-start.