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This Is Why We Pay Attention Behind The Wheel

Posted in Bizarre, Crashes, Police, Videos by Kurt Ernst | September 13th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Especially if we have commercial drivers licenses and are driving a tanker truck on wet roads. The accident is easy enough to second guess, and I’ll give the trucker the benefit of the doubt by saying he hadn’t adjusted his brakes to compensate for the empty tanker. The trucker crests the hill, hammers the brakes because of stopped traffic in front of him, the truck jack-knifes and it’s over, Johnnny.

Tha amazing thing about this video, filmed in the city of Rockwall, Texas just a few weeks back, is that no one got hurt. The two cars and the police cruiser were write-offs, and I think the tanker trailer may have made its last run. Still, the fact that no one was splattered like a bug by the trailer is pretty amazing.

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