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Thinking of Trading-in that SUV for a Fuel Efficient Sedan? Good Luck!

Posted in Cars, General by will bee | May 1st, 2008 | 42 Responses |

ChevyTahoe.jpg picture by willfusion

If you are looking to pick yourself up a used large SUV to tote your family around now is definitely the time. The glut of SUV’s in the used market is a result of many owners swapping their $90 fuel fill-up for a sedan that fills for half the price. All those used SUV’s traded-in already are filling up used car lots as buyers walking in off the street are also looking for something more fuel efficient. So if you are sitting on a large SUV now and thinking of swapping it in for something more fuel efficient trading it in may not be the answer.

Most owners who go to a car dealership looking to trade their current ride in for something new usually come out shell-shocked when they learn what the dealership is willing to give them for their trade. Those choosing to turn in their SUV right now will certainly be finding their trade-in value far from what they had invisioned.

According to CNW Marketing Research and the AP SUV sales were down 14% in the month of March when compared to March of 2007. The darling SUV of the American Auto Industry no longer sparkles under the looming clouds of $4/gallon fuel prices. In the face of such a decline in value the only solution for many SUV owners looking to downsize may be to sell their vehicle themselves; a task many owners dread. Even diesel trucks are not immune to the declines in value.

According to a quote from the U.S.News magazine, “Anything diesel has dropped $5,000 in the past five months” as a result of the rising price of diesel. With biodiesel alternatives still far from prevelant in most areas of US diesel owners are left with diesel prices that average .50-.60 higher than the price of regular unleaded fuel. Unlike the ultra-efficient diesel cars that get 40-60 mpg like the new VW Jetta BlueDiesel, diesel trucks suffer the same fuel inefficiency as their gasoline powered twins.

chevytahoehybrid.jpg picture by willfusion

As costs continue to climb the next question will be whether GM’s Green Car of the Year, the Chevrolet Tahoe 2-Mode Hybrid will suffer the same as the non-hybrid SUV’s? At 20-mpg in city driving the Tahoe Hybrid doubles the fuel mileage achieved by the non-hybrid alternative, but will 20-mpg stave the off the SUV value decline swarming the market. With a mark-up ranging from $10,000 to 15,000 and a starting price just shy $50,000 how many buyers are going to be willing to risk the aggressive depreciation that could befall their purchase?

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42 Responses

  1. Enginerd says:

    Gas was cheap 8 years ago, and SUVs were hugely profitable for automakers. Consumers need to plan for the long term a bit more.

  2. required says:

    This is great i am loving it.
    Pretty soon Hummers and BMWs will be traded for tic-tacs Ill finally be able to afford a used Hummer :-)

  3. tom says:

    My co-worker made fun of the fact that he paid the same amount for is 5 bedroom house out in the suburbs as I paid for my 2bd house in the city. Now he is looking at the fact that I ride the bus every day while he is communing 40 miles in his Tahoe and realizing he shouldn’t have been making fun of my environmental foresight! He’s so stressed out by traffic every morning that I haven’t had the heart to poke more at him about it… He’s been trying to carpool with his wife but now he has to get to work 30 min earlier everyday so she has time to get to work after she drops him off!

  4. will bee says:

    You are right, Tom. I have been reading for years about people moving back into the cities for transportation and environmental reasons. The rising cost of fuel is certainly leading many Suburbanites to a re-evaluation of what it means to live in the “burbs.”

    An additional side-effect resulting from our love for our automobiles and the highway system is that we have lost much of the infrastructure for mass transit that supplied transportation prior to the Auto Boom. With airlines failing and insufficient railroad coverage, what other viable transportation alternatives are in place in North America at this time?

    Green Energies, alternative fuels and viable mass transit are growing in demand, yet those industries appear ill-prepared for the spotlight. Or is the population unwilling to pay the price?

  5. Mark Mattison says:

    “Ill finally be able to afford a used Hummer” if you cant afford a new Hummer now, what make you think you will be able to afford to put gas in it?

    You can put the Hummer on blocks and use it as a trailer!

  6. Justin Reese says:

    This is great news for me. Having just started to work completely from home, my driving needs are effectively nil. (My wife drives a Honda Civic, which we can use for all household-stuff.) With an aggressive backyard garden on the way, I’ve been planning to swap my 30mpg Pontiac GrandAm for a light truck for hauling around plants, dirt, and tools. While I’m sure I won’t find the sort of deals on light trucks as I would on behemoth SUVs, I’m betting I’ll still have the upper hand in any trade or deal!

  7. Nick says:

    @Justin Reese: not so fast! If I recall correctly, pickup truck prices tend to be very stable regardless of the market because there purchased primarily by people out there who need them to do their jobs (contractors, fisherman, farmers etc., etc) and will continue to buy them no matter how high gas prices get.

    In fact, I would expect light trucks to actually increase in price/demand as some of those pickup truck folks will try to get by with a smaller truck.

    The reason why used SUV supply is high is that families are realizing they don’t need an SUV to get little johnny from point A to point B. Mr. Contractor need to transport his table saw and tools to the job site and can’t do in any vehicle besides a truck.

    As a former pickup truck owner…I would suggest renting a truck from home depot on those days you need it….trucks are great 10% of the time (i.e. when you need to haul something) but impractical for most of us the other 90% (driving around, family trips, etc).

  8. Richard Resee says:

    Good news, the less SUV’s on the road the better. Not only will there be less noise and pollution, there will be less obnoxious drivers and safety overall will be improved as the average weight of vehicles goes down.

  9. Mike Roberts says:

    I never understood the economics of buying an SUV vs. a car. Even when gas was $1.50 per gallon, my SUV driving friend got 14mpg and would spend $2,230 per year to drive 20K miles. My car (Subaru Legacy) gets 28mpg and cost $1115 to drive the same amount. He spends an EXTRA $1,115 EVERY YEAR to drive that truck-in-a-box.

    With the higher gas prices, he spends an extra $2,670. The Suburban is an extra $3K.

    Or… on a 37 mile commute, my car costs $9.50/day to go to work. That Suburban costs $26.70.

  10. Rob says:

    Not to nitpick, but the chevy tahoe does NOT get 10 mpg on the highway. It lists at 19mpg (by 2008 EPA standards) on the highway, and real world might get a little less than that depending on conditions, but nowhere near as low as 10. They Hybrid is claiming roughly 23 MPG. Nowhere near double the MPG of the straight gas engine. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for fuel efficiency, and think that the soccer mom, SUV fad is terrible, but if you’re going to post numbers, don’t just make things up

    Big hybrids like these are a joke. They’re a way for auto manufacturers to get tax breaks for selling “eco friendly cars”, while not really putting much work into the eco friendly part. Slap in an electric motor, and some batteries, and reap the benefits of the tax breaks.

    Meanwhile, VW is producing little turbo diesels that knock out 60mpg, without ridiculous amounts of technology added on. GM had a diesel s-15 truck in the mid 80’s that got 40 to 50 mpg, and Honda had a stripped down crx that would nail 57mpg. Creating cars with decent mileage isn’t rocket science, in fact many of them already have common sense technologies in place to build ACTUAL eco friendly cars, they’ve just been slow to catch onto the concept, and when they do, they decide to re-invent the wheel instead of bringing something to market quickly.

    Sorry for the rambling rant…things like this get to me.

  11. Rufus J Squirrel says:

    Perhaps if these idiots stop driving their SUV’s, the gas of price will finally go down. It amazes me that people don’t realize the soccer mom in the Suburban on the phone next to them is the biggest reason they’re paying out the nose at the pump.

    Sure am glad I just bought my ’08 Civic.

  12. bdobbes says:


    I’ve always kinda wanted an old beat up pickup truck for hauling stuff around(not an everyday driving kinda car.. I have my civic for that).

    Guess this would be a good time to grab one.

  13. will bee says:

    Thank you for your “nitpick(ing)” as it did prompt me to make two corrections. GM’s Hybrid system is a 2-Mode system (not a 3-Mode) and the actual fuel discrepencies between the gasoline powered Tahoe and the Hybrid Tahoe are based on City driving and not Highway.
    While the EPA grants the gasoline fueled Tahoe a 15mpg in City fuel mileage I have never met anyone with a Tahoe that achieved it. The EPA’s numbers grant the Hybrid Tahoe a 40% increase in City Fuel Mileage when compared to those achieved by the gasoline (or 1-Mode?) Tahoe, while actual results more resemble the 50% difference noted in the article above.

    Thank you for your comments and critical analysis.

  14. Pam Beasley says:

    I have an SUV because I need one. I don’t commute (I work from home), but when I do drive I need to be able to haul large art pieces around. I still walk and ride the bus whenever/wherever I can. I wish people would stop assuming that everyone who owns an SUV is a bad person, an aggro driver, and someone hellbent on producing the largest possible carbon footprint. That’s just MOST SUV owners. :-)

  15. Truth Serum says:

    Don’t drink the Koolaid just yet. I drive a V-8 powered 2wd Chevy that gets just as good gas mileage as my 4cyl Toyota pickup. Many people overlook the effects of trying to drive a 4 or 6 cyl vehicle at the pace of a V-8. An underpowered vehicle will burn more fuel when you push it. We won’t even mention the mileage you will get under a full load.

  16. will bee says:

    You are absolutely correct that not all SUV owners are as bad as they are generalized to be. It is far too easy to vilify ALL SUV drivers than to point out some of the very valid reasons that some people hold on to their Full-size pick-up truck or SUV.

    However, that guy/gal driving solo in his Full-Size Quad-Cab Daully as his daily commute vehicle… come on! What is THAT guy trying to prove?

  17. Matt says:

    “Not to nitpick, but the chevy tahoe does NOT get 10 mpg on the highway”

    It says “in city”. My Tahoe got 12 mpg on average, per tank. (1999 model)

    I traded that and a benz in for a camry hybrid and a prius hybrid about 18 months or so. At the time, we did it purely for environmental reasons, factoring in what gas savings would do economically – but skyrocketing gas costs have shifted the economics in our favor a lot more since then.

  18. smb says:

    I wonder if this is affecting the automaker’s financing arms, as lease rates for SUVs were typically lower relatively due to their having a high resale value at the end of the lease term.

  19. Ed says:

    The chickens have come home to roost for these SUV driving idiots. Good riddance.

  20. Obbop says:

    Those stodgy heavy SUVs get deplorable mileage in stown what with having to get that massive weight moving from stop to go to stop to go over and over and over……..

    It is feasible for mileage to be as low as 8 to 9 mpg if the driver’s foot is heavy on the go pedal and the driver is the all-too-typical buffoon who, for whatever bizzare reason, speed up to get to the red light ahead faster rather than removing foot from the go pedal and coasting.

    Females are particularly notorious for driving habits that reduce attainable mpg.

  21. Eric says:

    I’m glad this is finally happening. Hopefully we will see $6 gas and along with that the death of the SUV.

    The US has had an artificially low gas price for far too long. This has encouraged us to build poorly designed cities, and created suburban sprawl which has blighted our nation.

    Nobody else in the world lives as far away from where they work than Americans. The only thing that can facilitate this is cheap oil. As the demand for oil increases, and the supply cannot keep up with this growing demand, rising prices are inevitable.

    Rising gas prices will make the financial case for the suburbs history. Being able to walk to work replace Tahoe or Suburban as the status symbol for the successful middle class. Reduced commute times from walking will contribute to the reversal of the fattening of America by making America’s commute time, America’s exercise time.

    More time will be available for families to share together, contributing to a happier, healthier population. Divorce rates will go down. Heart attacks and diabetes will be a thing people read about in history books.

    Public transportation will flourish due to increased funding. A second class of commuter train cars and busses will be available with leather seats and champagne greating every passenger willing to pay. Travel to and from remote places will be a delight for this class, for others, public transportation will simply be a clean, convenient and safe option to travel.

    A revival of the arts will bloom in our cities. The art of conversation at street cafes will flourish once again. A golden age of culture will blossom.

    Emissions will go down from reduced driving. Air will be cleaner. Carbon emmissions will fall, reversing climate change.

    The population of the suburbs will decrease, in favor of city living. Partially abandoned municipalities will have a tax deficit, increasing the tax burden on the hold-outs. Commercial services to the suburbs will be hard hit as disposable income will disappear from higher fuel prices, increased tax burden, and businesses moving back into the cities.

    People will no longer be able to afford cable. Phones will get unplugged. Cable, natural gas, electric and telecommunications infrastructures will suffer due to reduced subscribership, yet still maintaining the infrastructure for entire suburbs.

    Homeless will scour abandoned homes for copper pipes to sell for scrap. Abandoned subdivisions will be bulldozed. Holdouts will stockpile weopans to defy bank eviction notices. School systems will fail. Abandoned houses in the suburbs will bring looters, high crime and arson. Reduced funding for protective services (fire + police) will bring poor protection under higher demand. Crime will be rampant. Entire neighborhoods will be taken over by gangs of disillusioned 40-somethings who have lost the false American Dream (2 SUV’s plus 1/4 acre in the burbs) that has been sold to them for the past 20 years.

    Animals will be abandoned by their owners fleeing the suburbs. Packs of wild dogs born from abandoned pets will run rampant. Rabid dogs will threaten unsupervised children.

    OK, maybe I’m not looking forward to $6 gas, but I sure will feel smug while this all happens while driving my Prius and watching my big color plasma from inside my cozy downtown condo…

  22. Alex says:

    Aside from the simple arguments that SUV’s are inefficient on a mileage to gas basis what is more telling is why the American car industry has not bothered to make mileage efficiency one of its priorities and has, as the proverbial hare, sat on its “market” while foreign car makers with more practical concerns, has beaten them to a pulp with cars that last and are more fuel efficient.

    Any frugal automaker with a brain knows hows to make cars that sell and that are wanted by consumers. American automakers also know this but prefer to think consumers are too thick and pressed for time to research their second biggest purchase.

    When GM made the EV1 it was ahead of its time but it performed too well for their business model-it didn’t make them as much money so they preferred to destroy it as the Luddites did the looms of the previous century, in the hopes that progress in the car industry would not happen. Now car makers are crying that imports are outselling their crappy cars and that other, smarter automakers, are making cars that cost less money to own.
    Let’s face it, America’s car industry makes crap and is itself to blame for their cheap, self-interested production strategies. They’re not making cars people want, they’re making cars they think stupid people will buy because they’re American and that’s the American way.
    Oh yeah, and support the troops.

  23. geo says:

    wonder if the low cost used SUV’s will make them good candidates for home conversions to electric vehicles.
    rip out the gas motor and put in an electric.
    they have good suspensions therefore don’t need un upgrade to carry the weight of the batteries.


  24. Paul says:

    In the UK gas is £5+ per gallon and Diesel is £5.30+ so approx. $10. I have a BMW 5 series, 2.0 Diesel which does 40mpg on the combined cycle and 55mpg on the motorway. Our tax on fuel is insane though – 80% of the cost is tax. There is going to be a big move soon in the UK – nurses, teachers and public sector workers are not going to have any disposable income – when that point is reached, something will unquestionably happen and I don’t think it is going to be pretty. We’re 25-30% up on fuel cost vs. 1 year ago.

  25. Pat says:

    Some further food for thought in your debate from the UK at $10/gallon imperial basically known over here as a fiver a gallon (£5.00/gallon of petrol.

    It seems the SUV experience you all write about regardless of which side of the argument overlooks the experience of driving decently designed and built vehicles.

    Contrast the Porsche Cayenne Turbo,


    The VW version – the Touareg


    or indeed the trusty ‘Rangy’ (Range Rover)

    particularly the diesel with the cheaply fabricated plastic poorly assembled rubbish that we sadly see imported in to the UK from the USA.

    Even the quoted as best selling truck in the world (or as we all know – just the USA) the Ford Pick up is not a patch on a Japanese competitor for build quality let alone the other criteria manufactured goods are judged by.

    You have low, low fuel costs in the USA. Even at $4/gallon. However, the USA citizen is still faced with having 50 year old farmyard mechanics deployed in their home grown motorcars featuring – ‘ live axle ‘… what the… dinosaur designs.

    It comes to something when even dropping European sophistication one has to opt for the GM Vauxhall Minaro (formerly a Holden) from Australia for a car that is more American than the Americans. But then the Aussies have the deadliest criiters on the planet so of course they are going to create the ‘ Funnel Web ‘ car.

    I would ask that you remember the Prius is not as ‘Eco friendly’ as they would have you believe – costing a fortune in purchase price and manufacturing process carbon footprint. A VW polo diesel turns in a better result all round at 60 mpg and low carbon foot print and 80+% recyclable.

    All is not black and white and it was ever thus.

    Kind regards.

  26. Hunt, fish, and burn wood says:

    “Idiots”? Makes you sound so smart and sophisticated. News flash for you. There’s no armored car behind the hearse. If you lived someplace where driving back and forth to work was over 20 or so miles each way of snow and ice covered roads that don’t get plowed or sanded by the rubbish truck, you might have a different term for people driving SUV’s.

    We don’t all live in the city. Some of us live in Maine, Alaska, and any number of other states with snow and ice covered roads. I use my truck when the weather is bad. When the weather is nice, I drive a mercury Marquis that gets about 22 miles to a gallon. It’s big, rides nice, and does better on gas than the truck. It’s also the smallest car I will drive, for safety reasons. All the money in the world isn’t going to bring you back if someone else makes a mistake and crosses the center line in another vehicle and hits you. Those little cars fold right up on the occupants, they end up losing legs and feet because the car they were in wasn’t built to protect them. It was built to go ten miles on a cup of gasoline.

    Priorities being what they are. It’s a free country, at least we still say it is. You drive what you want to, and can afford to. The rest of us will do the same. If someone is an “IDIOT” it is generally the first person to use the term in a conversation.

    I also heat my home with wood in the winter, and in fact have had a fire for the last three nights because it’s colder than normal lately. Kind of hard to throw 1/2 to 3/4 cord of firewood in the trunk of a “PIOUS” (Prius, but it should have been called the PIOUS, judging by the attitudes of some of the drivers).

    Not only that, it sounds like “priapism”, and looks like a computer mouse, or a sex toy for an elephant.

    No thanks, really. Build one with the capability of doing the things I need it to do, and I’ll think about buying one. First, work the bugs out of it. Ten more years or so, they’ll be more reliable. More mechanics will be able to work on them. And the cost will come down.

    Until then, it’s still cheaper to drive an SUV over the long run. You’ll be replacing that pile of crap a 100,000 miles, or sooner. My truck has 220,000 miles on it, and still going strong. For all your greed, you cut your nose off despite your face. One truck, 28,000 dollars. One “hybrid”, 50,000 dollars. Truck = 300,000 miles. Hybrid = 100,000 miles, maybe.

    300,000 miles = one truck, or three hybrids. 28,000 dollars, or 150,000 dollars? Go figure. Not to mention the environmental damage done in mining the crap the batteries are made of, and manufacturing, and disposal. 15 miles to a gallon in the truck. 80,000 dollars worth of gasoline over 300,000 miles. 45 miles to a gallon in the hybrid. 26,000 dollars worth of gasoline over 300,000 miles.

    So, it cost the average SUV or light truck driver 128,000 dollars over 300,000 miles in gas and vehicle purchases. The “Pious” hybrid driver? He spent 176,000 dollars, and drives a dangerous piece of crap car that is far more ruinous to the environment than an SUV. And he can’t haul a single stick of firewood, he’s stranded in 4 inches of snow, and a self-righteous pain in the ass on top of it.

  27. Richard Thompson says:

    I’m sorry, but the auto industry has been in bed with the oil robber barons for far too long. They have had the technology for ever, and
    have refused to apply it. Why? Go back to first sentence. Now we are suppose to a. suck it up while they “find” the technology to improve mpg?
    BS. For years the big three have bought small inventors breakthroughs
    and ideas, payed them off and shelved the innovations. This included
    carburetors that obtained mpgs of grater than 60 on a regular basis. This is just the tip of the iceberg, folks. These idiots caused what we have before us, and the severe lack of choices as well. I’ve never bought a foreign car before, but it just might happen in retaliation. They are screwing us, so screw them!

  28. Eric says:

    ” If you lived someplace where driving back and forth to work was over 20 or so miles each way of snow and ice covered roads that don’t get plowed or sanded by the rubbish truck, you might have a different term for people driving SUV’s”

    I would call them “people who choose to live in impractical places”.

    “Until then, it’s still cheaper to drive an SUV over the long run.”

    Cheaper if you don’t consider the greater costs of dealing with air polution, climate change, threat to national security for foreign oil dependence, the blood of our soldiers dying on the oil fields, interest on the national debt, etc.

    “And he can’t haul a single stick of firewood,”

    I’ll keep my Prius and have my firewood delivered.

    “Ten more years or so, they’ll be more reliable. ”

    Electric battery powered vehicles existed BEFORE the gasoline powered engine.

    “One “hybrid”, 50,000 dollars.”

    Hybrid what? Prius? $22,000 Hybrid version of trucks? Don’t know.

  29. Hunt, fish, and burn wood says:

    Trains have been “hybrids” since the steam age. There are certain things that can be done actually cheaper using electric motors than with straight fuel power. One of them isn’t going back and forth to work. Right now, even a mechanic trained to work on current cars has to go back to engineering school to learn to work on these things safely. We had to have two days of training to learn to fight a fire in one of these pieces of junk at the fire department. Best plan from my perspective is exposure protection and let it burn. Eventually you’ll be able to pick up what’s left when the fire goes out and put it in a bushel basket.

    Have all your firewood delivered, and be as dependent on others as you want. When they don’t come through for you, suffer. Prefer to do it myself. Then it’s done right. The woods aren’t stripped or cut out to feed my fireplace. The guy delivering your wood could be clear cutting. Might be delivering crap wood too. Standing dead and rotten, rather than good hardwood that will give the heat needed efficiently.

    Seen the environment around the mines where they get the lithium for the batteries in your little gadget? How about the plants in China where they manufacture the batteries? How come China? No pesky environmental laws or unions to deal with.

    And what about accidents? Snow? Ice? As a firefighter/EMT, then law enforcement officer, and now a home health physical therapist, the option to say, “Oooh, it’s snowing. I can’t come to work today.” doesn’t really work for the people I serve.

    What it boils down to is what works for one doesn’t work for everybody. And the sociocommunistic view of the world in the one size fits all, centralized, policy making foolishness doesn’t work. If it did, the USSR would have won the cold war years ago.

    Climate change? You mean the cyclical nature of warming and cooling that was occurring long before man ever ventured out of a cave, pool of primordial ooze, or a garden, depending on your view? One thing is clear. The so-called “balance of nature” is a batch of silliness and a naive and closed minded view of true nature. The earth, and nature, exist between extremes generally. To assume that the extremes won’t be visited now and then is simply unrealistic.

    27,000 years ago, there was an ice sheet a mile thick where I live. It melted long before the “Industrial Age”. Good thing too. Without that melting we wouldn’t have the Grand Canyon, or much of the farmland we currently grow our food on.

    It’s clearly getting warmer, I suppose. We think so. Of course, I can’t even depend on this morning’s weather report to know how I should dress this afternoon. What kind of faith should I have in what someone says the weather was 100,000 years ago or 100,000 years from now? Really?

    We know it’s been both warmer, and cooler, over the history of the world than now. We also know it will be thus in the future. Move away from the coast if you’re that concerned, because it’s coming and there is nothing you or all of us are going to do about it.

    Blood for oil? Worked in WWII, only it was steel, copper, and many other industrially valuable materials that Japan attacked the United States over. Securing the United States from attacks and dangers both domestic and foreign can take a number of forms and shapes. The means to supply our economy and people with the things we need to maintain our standard of living is one of them. Unless you want to go back to living in grass and mud huts. No medical care. No computer to shoot your mouth off on and try to make other people think like you do.

    Might work out here in the country, but you folks down in the developed zones are going to be in for it, real bad. I’ll be keeping what I’ve got and doing what I can afford to reasonably do. That includes not burning a thousand gallons of oil a year to keep my house heated; turn off lights and other electrical things when I am not using them; buying and eating only what I need and not wasting things; and weatherize my home properly to save both heat and electricity.

    Driving around in a mouse car isn’t on the list. And I am 6’3, weigh 265 pounds, and have a 56 inch chest and 38 inch waistline. Don’t fit in clown cars.

  30. Pat says:

    The bottom line – put your foot down in Porsche Cayenne Turbo or an Overfinch http://www.rangerovers.net/custom/index.html and rediscover the fun and how!!!

    Heaven is G Forces afterall ha ha ha you sad miserable kill joys.

  31. charlie says:

    I believe that this article couldn’t be summed up any better that what “Hunt, Fish and burn wood” said!

  32. john wasik says:

    drive it if you can aford it.

  33. Jamison Hurley says:

    I bought a 93 Mustang for $250. It gets 30 mpg on the highway. I have a 06 F-150. I am about to dump $700.00 to make it more fuel efficent. Why? Cause I can’t hunt and fish in a Mustang. I also have a 65 Ford Mustang. I dont care if gas is $15.00 a gallon. I will drive it because I love it. How can you say I live in a impratical area? Have you been to Kansas? Where most of your food, and milk come from?? It is all impratical but it is a great place to live. No crime, very little pollution. It is better than having a apartment in Manhattan, NY. I feel sage, and I dont have to worry about what might happen to my children.

  34. Hunt, fish, and burn wood says:

    What’s the matter with you Hurley? Don’t you know milk comes from little plastic or cardboard containers? And beef comes in styrofoam trays, wrapped in cellophane? :)

  35. JAYROTHBERG says:

    I bike to work 3 or more days a week. Got all of you beat. My only ride is a Corvette (25 mpg highway) and I only need it a couple times a week. Annual mileage? 4 to 5 k per year. At 4 dollars a gal, 15-20 mpg local, thats $1250 per year. Even my insurance is reasonable with no issues in 20 years. Snow? An Small older Toyota Suv with almost no miles on it. (How often does it snow around Eastern PA?)

  36. Uncle B says:

    As the recession deepens into a depression I hope that some of you understand that aside from a major breakthrough in fusion technology, The USA will slowly choke to a halt due to energy shortages. There won’t be enough heat or people in the foundries to pour the blocks for trucks and cars of any size! The problem for commuters in the south right now is that what they do for a day’s work is not worth the cost of bringing them back and forth to work in SUVs or anything else! This is partially because the good-paying jobs are gone to Asia, where they are done mostly in much more modern and totally automated non-union factories by a population surplus of females that weigh under 90lbs each and eat accordingly and have very low lifestyle demands, so work for much less! We believe that competition is good for business when we are winning, but right now these Asian women are kicking our asses – The do much, much more per shift for much, much less! They demand nearly nothing in return from their society and don’t live long enough to collect old age security. Ruthless, profit maximizing, predator, American Capitalists set factories up and exploit them in absolute slave conditions using our technology and screw you out of your job by competing this way with you. Republicans are lobbied by these Capitalists and are bought out – its in the newspapers every day! We are f**king doomed by our own government’s actions! Grow up, quit whining and bite the bullet!

  37. pecker says:

    I am thinking about one of those juicy diesel thingies and converting it to use waste vegetable oil…some nice things being tossed away because of petroleum prices!

  38. rgreen says:


    Wow – I can’t wait to see that movie! You’ve got the beginnings of a great screenplay in that post. I can see the trailers now…

    In a world of six dollar gas, rabid pets and burning SUV’s – one man discovers his destiny to save the planet.

    Suburb Hell IV


  39. Steve says:

    You city dwelling prius owners kill me.. I live in the mountains,, I drive for a living, dead smack in the center of my territory for work. By saying we should all live in the cities shows how ignorant you are.. Without those living out of the cities the cities wouldn’t be there either,, how would you live without farms, food,, dairy,, etc..
    Now on the car thing,, Electric is nice,, but,, the big but is the environmental an monetary cost, the batteries kill these things.. some day they will be a great solution.. but right now,, not that great.. cost per mile is over twice than the gas guzzling suv. CNG and bio fuels are a very good alt. that would be easy and better for now.. Also there is no real fuel shortage, its more caused by day traders “playing” stock broker.. driving up the prices. If We could drill in the US we have more oil than all of the middle east.. just some is in sensitive areas.. We need to get better control on off shore drilling too,, 3rd world countries are drilling just off the US in areas that We dont let our oil companies drill in, but since they are technically int. waters these other countries can,, using 50 year old scrapped rigs?? Which is safer?? I wish the EPA would allow me to convert my Jeep over to cng,, they wont,, epa laws,, go figure.. Just need a place to fuel up.. and my jeep gets 20 mpg around town and 24 on the highway.. with 32″ tires and 4wd! I also wont drive anything much smaller as I was in a front end collision when an elderly woman lost control of her little car and stuck me head on at 55 each.. I survived, she didnt!
    We need better alt. fuel,, and less epa restrictions on modifying our vehicles to be cng, lpg, electric, bio fuel, solar or what ever! If We are doing something that runs cleaneer it should be good not a 50K$ fine!

  40. car articles says:

    The whole industry prices for SUVs and trucks has declined nearly 25 percent, which is approximately four times the normal depreciation expected over this period and well in excess of the depreciation expected over a full year.”

    Last week was a busy week for the dealership because of the deals the stores have going on – 0 percent interest for 72 months vs. the typical 6.9 percent interest. These deals are just to get rid of SUVs.

    BUT hybrids are in high demand and that is good for the new direction we need to take in respect to fuel efficiency

  41. bill says:

    Global warming is a joke & al bore needs his butt kicked from here to the next opec meeting. Thanks, you silly moron, for promoting junk science, the carbon credit scam & getting people all paranoid. Shouldn’t this idiot be arrested, charged & sued for fraud? There’s always hope. GO MCCAIN IN 08!!!

  42. HoM Vehicles says:

    Hahaha. Someone always likes to kill the fun