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Think Human Beings Can’t Fly?

Posted in Cool Stuff, Human Powered Vehicles, Videos by Kurt Ernst | October 11th, 2010 | 1 Response |

Don’t tell that to Jeb Corliss, BASE jumper and wing-suit flyer extraordinaire. You know, the former host of “Stunt Junkies” on the Discovery Channel, who was fired after being arrested for attempting a BASE jump from the observation deck of the Empire State Building? I can see why the NYPD may not have a good sense of humor about that.

This video is a compilation of his favorite wing suit jumps to date, including segments from the Matterhorn, Rio de Janeiro and Switzerland. The “goal posting” segments, where he shoots a gap between trees or cliff faces, are particularly insane. Still, I think the most impressive thing in the video is his speed in proximity to the ground. One mistake and your life ends with a very loud, wet splat. As a particularly observant YouTube fan put it, “His balls are so big he’s not falling back to Earth; Earth is falling back to his balls.” Well said, rrife, well said.

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