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They Call Him Stumpy: The Luckiest Squirrel In The World

Posted in Lamborghini, Track Events, Videos by Kurt Ernst | July 3rd, 2011 | 1 Response |

Here’s rule number one for driving a car on a racetrack: if an animal is stupid enough to cross your path, don’t risk your car and your life at triple digit speeds by trying to avoid it. I’ve hit rabbits and rattlesnakes on racetracks, and things didn’t turn out as well for them as for the squirrel in the video below. His only injury appears to be a shortened tail, clipped by a Lamborghini LP670-4, although I have no doubt that the squirrel will need serious counseling for the foreseeable future. Given the possible outcome, I’d have to say that things worked out well for Stumpy; besides, I’m sure the old adage that “chicks dig scars” extends to the animal kingdom as well.

Source: YouTube

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One Response

  1. Djrosa says:

    well that whole thing about trying to avoid small animals is true for the real road aswell, infact in sweden its illegal to swerve to avoid a small animal, now swerving for an moose, a deer/raindeer or a boar is ok since if you hit it it can seriously hurt the driver. even the other day i hit a seagul that had the great idea of flying up infront of my car going 75 mph needless to say he wont make the same mistake again as all i could se of him was a cloud of feathers and that the windowtrim of my car had been slightly dammaged