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The Worst Car You’ve Ever Owned…

Posted in FAIL, Funny, Writer's Rides by MrAngry | October 12th, 2010 | 9 Responses |

Toyota Tercel

Ever had a car that you were totally embarrassed to own? I know I have and truth be told it’s not a wonderful experience. All of us out there in grown-up land have had our ups and downs in life. Sometimes they’re emotional, sometimes they’re financial, but for me… it was always auto related. My first job out of college was working for a print company in New York City. I had no money, lived in a rodent infested apartment in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and had no real car to speak of. At that time however my sister had this old busted up 1989 Toyota Tercel. It leaked oil, had rot holes in it the size of softballs and a blown exhaust that made it sound like a Messerschmitt 109 coming out of the clouds. It did however run and since it was free I had no choice but to take my rightful place behind the wheel. I actually remember taking it to a club once where the valet actually told me they wouldn’t put it in their lot and to park it on the street… yeah, it was that bad.

As with all things though times change and we all hopefully move onward and upward. Some say that driving an old car builds character, I say bullshit… it leads to high repair bills and a busted ego. I am curious though as to what kinds of old P.O.S’s have helped you guys get through life, so if you have any real good ones feel free to post them up in the comments section for the world to see.

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9 Responses

  1. Jim says:

    1993 Mazda MX-6 by far!!!!!!!!! I literally fixed something on it every paycheck for a year. Which sucked since I was younger and didn’t have much money. Plus I was not mechanically inclined like now too, so I had to trust other people working on it. Not now though, I do EVERYTHING on my car.

  2. Seth says:

    A 1994 Honda Accord Ex Sedan-I thought I had found a great car, the only thing not good being it was an automatic. It had a few cosmetic problems and the owner said the alarm was a little touchy, but it ran great. After hearing that, I figured it was a good car to buy, paid the owner what I later realized was way too much money and drove the car home. I quickly found out I was in over my head. Over the next year, I replaced the main relay, the ignition cylinder, a radiator hose, a radiator fan, dumped countless cans of R134a into the environment because i couldn’t pin-point a leak in the A/C, disconnected the door lock actuators which I later determined to be the problem, repaired one of the e-brake connectors, replaced the water pump, a back wheel stud, replaced the EGR port gasket, and finally the battery before giving up and selling the heap. It put a sour taste in my mouth about Hondas that I wish would go away because I want to like them. Well played original owner, well played.

  3. Set says:

    1985 Toyota Corolla DX (The super ugly ass gold four dour hatchback). It had really low mileage, only 70k when I got it, and figured the car would run well. It was worth maybe $500, and I probably put $4000 into it during the time I owned it. The thing was garbage. It was well taken care of, every receipt for every service from the previous owner was there; it just didn’t last 25 years.

  4. Fuzzee says:

    2001 Volkswagen Beetle 2.0L. This car was a piece! I got it from a lady i went to church with at nearly a bargain (or so i thought) 2001 w/ only 35,000 miles. A week into buying it, i got a great feel for the car. It had the sports package, with mean turning capability, so i took it up to Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles for a lil fun. The car was taking every turn perfectly, and then i hit a nasty pot hole. 2 seconds later the entire dash board lights up. A clog in the coolant had been knocked loose by the bump, and was sucked through the Water pump, into the radiator damaging every hose the car had. 1 week in the shop, 1800 dollars. In the next 20,000 miles of driving this vehicle, the steering column came loose, a spark plug failed, the oil leaked constantly, the engine overheated. Take it i sound like a terrible car owner, but all this happened despite routine maintenence at authorized VW Service Centers. The only good part of the car was that when i sold it, an up and coming porn star bought it, and i got to enjoy a test drive with her and 2 of her “friends” AWESOME!

  5. BigRuss says:

    tough one… but id have to say a 1979 camaro… if i didnt plug a trickle charger in when i parked it at night it wouldnt start in the morning… and then the transmission went out and i said f-it

  6. 68SportFury says:

    I’ve never had a car I was embarrassed by, but I’d say my ’76 Dodge Charger Sport was probably the worst thing I’ve owned. Overweight (heavier than the ’67 Fury it replaced), underpowered (smogger 318 2bbl) and hiding a lot of rust under the quickie paint job applied before I got it.
    Shortly after I got it, I decided to have the A/C recharged, and quickly discovered that the car wouldn’t idle with the air on. It got lower gas mileage with the 318 than the Fury had gotten with a 383. The paint got dull about the same time the rust starting showing through (both quarters, both front fenders, bottom of the decklid and bottoms of both doors–only the hood was rot-free).
    Still, I drove it for a little over three years before trading it in on my first brand-new car, an ’86 Charger (that would be the L-body 4-cylinder FWD version).

  7. Kevin says:

    ’83 Olds Firenza station wagon with simulated wood side panels that was really just a sticker, which I peeled off from end to end. One of the first J-cars, had an 88-hp Brazilian made 1.8L OHC engine that SUCKED. Car had a poorly designed cooling system which caused it to overheat if the radiator had any fins whatsoever missing. Cracked head at 120k due to faulty cooling. Although I did(and still do) appreciate dad giving me the car, I now understand why. At least it gave me the opportunity to replace my first cylinder head as a teenager!

  8. nospaces says:

    1998 chrysler sebring convertible. it had the V6 and leather not a bad car just the worse I’ve owned.

  9. Paully says:

    The blue Tercel hatchback. Otherwise known as “Lips”. You remember it, Mikey. What a POS. Got stuck in the midtown tunnel, etc etc.