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The World’s Smallest Car: The Nanocar

Posted in Bizarre, Car Tech, Materials, Newsworthy, Science by Vito Rispo | September 16th, 2008 | 6 Responses |

This is NOT the World’s Smallest Car

The illustrious title of World’s Smallest Car, sought by many, but held by only one. And who is that one? No, it’s not the car above, or the Smart ForTwo, or the Tata Nano; not the obscure Waaijenberg Canta or even the Peel P50, no matter what the Guinness Book of World Records says. Those cars are giants compared to the real smallest car.

So what is it? Check out the REAL picture after the jump:

It’s the Rice University Nanocar, and it’s the size of a single strand of DNA. It measures just 4 x 3 nanometers (A nanometer is equal to one billionth of a meter or one millionth of a millimeter). A human hair is about 80,000 nanometers thick. But it’s not just bullshizz nonsense made up by grad students with too much time on their hands…this thing actually works like a car. It has a chassis, axles, a pivoting suspension, and the wheels are buckyballs (aka Buckminsterfullerenes, which are tiny spheres of pure carbon – named after R. Buckminster Fuller, one of the coolest dudes ever).

It’s apparently hard to make a nanoscale object roll, but they’ve done it. And why? Well, the eventual goal is the create nanoscale trucks that could carry atoms and molecules around in miniature factories. It’s one step closer to tiny autonomous self-replicating machines doing our work for us at the nano level. End of the world Grey Goo, here we come!

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6 Responses

  1. Lee says:

    Nice! I guess the joke’s on us huh? At least we got to check out the P50!

  2. […] 4 x 3 nanometers, one nanometer being equal to one billionth of a meter or one millionth, the world’s smallest car yet invented is the size of a single strand of DNA and creatively named, the Nanocar. To give you an idea of its […]

  3. Rob says:

    Nanocar… ideal transport for all of your subatomic friends!

  4. Samuel says:

    I’m sorry, but you can’t classify the Nanocar as a car. The way I see it, for it to be a car, it has to be able to move, it also has to have someone inside it to move it. Can a human being fit inside the nanocar? No.

  5. Wanda Duncan says:

    I cannot afford to buy a car now but I would love to have this car. I travel so much to and from work that the gas is taking much of my paycheck. This is a beautiful and inexpensive vehicle. Just wish that I had one.