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The world’s oldest running car up for auction

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It is hard to imagine that the first experimental vehicles were being built and tested during the late 1880’s, both Daimler and Benz were both working on their models separately, while it would be another decade at least before the great Henry Ford built his first car.

oldest car

But before all that in 1884 there was the De Dion-Bouton et Trepardoux, otherwise nicknamed “La Marquise” a steam powered vehicle that was fueled by anything that would burn, paper, wood and coal, and as anyone who has struggled to get an open fire going at home would know how temperamental that can be, in fact the vehicle would probably take up to half an hour to build up enough heat to create the steam.

The world’s oldest running car has had only two owners, but I suspect that the paperwork and mileage may be slightly out of date! If there is any at all.

The car will be going on sale at the Gooding and Company Auction House, in Pebble Beach, California on August 19th the estimated final sale price is believed to reach around the $1.5 to $2 million mark, but recent auctions have been a bit of a gamble with some cars selling and some not.

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