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There will be two Honda Civic’s receiving Mugen Badging in 2008

Posted in Car Tech, Design, General, Honda by will bee | August 8th, 2007 | 1 Response |

2008 Honda Civic Mugen Si SedanAfter years of having their Civics and other models tricked-out by rice racers with aftermarket parts Honda has finally caught on. There idea is to bring a production model to the street that carries the ride and appearance of a tuner car but comes straight from the factory. To reach out to the tuner community Honda and Mugen are releasing two versions of their dressed-up Civic: the Si and the RR. Will either of them fit the bill?

The Si is essentially a production Civic with the stance and appearance that might appeal to many Honda fans. With its lower stance, ravenous front scoop intake ports and large wing on the rear-deck many observers might mistake this car to be all aftermarket. Honda has never shown this kind of love back to the rice rocket community that has certainly shown a love for it. Inside the Si you will find some custom seating and badging from Mugen, but not much else that will make it stand-out. While the suspension and appearance changes will improve the drive of the new Mugen Si it will not change the fact that it comes with the same factory engine as other Civic Si’s. Standing firm at 197-hp while lifting the price to nearly $30,000 gives the Mugen Si a questionable return. Maybe that is where the 2008 Civic Mugen RR comes in?


The 2008 Civic Mugen RR takes the upgraded basics of the Mugen Si and feeds a shot of adrenaline into the engine. The Mugen RR will receive the added boost of a total of 240-hp and 160-torque. The downside is that all that extra power will run you another $10,000 more on top of the Mugen Si’s sticker of nearly $30,000 (for those too tired for math that gives the Civic Mugen RR a sticker of $40,000). While many a tuner has sunk much more than $40,000 into their prized Honda it just seems a bit less than likely that one of them is looking for a short-cut. With a stock Civic that same $20,000 could go a long way.

However, if grabbing a Mugened-up Civic straight from the factory appeals to you it will be best if you step forward now. The Mugen Civic Si will see a limited production run of just 1,000 Blue cars and the Mugen Civic RR will see a limited run of 300 Red cars. Those are the cars. Those are the colors. Those are your 2008 Mugen Civics.

Source[AutoWeek, AutomobileMag]

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One Response

  1. Brad says:

    Two very nice looking cars, no doubt. But who is Honda trying to Market to with these Cars? Hardly any one 30+ has interest for a Tuner car and Hardly anyone Under 30 can afford a $30,000+ car. If you’re going to spend that much money on a car for looks, get something a heck of a lot nicer for the money. Sweet ride with no driver…