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The Viper Lives Again As Chrysler Group Reopens The Conner Avenue Plant In Detroit

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2008 Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR

The new Chrysler Group has reopened their first factory since the bankruptcy proceedings and merger with Fiat. And oddly enough, it’s the Viper production facility at Conner Avenue in Detroit.

So why would the Viper be the first resuscitated from Chrysler’s production morgue?

Well, it’s hard to say. The flagship supercar that’s killed more of its drivers than Jack the Ripper is certainly a niche vehicle, produced by 115 workers who’ve been waiting for the ball to drop for some time now. Chrysler has had Viper up for sale, but have only received one offer so far for $5.5 million from Devon Motor Works of Western Michigan, a small up and coming builder looking for donor parts for their own supercar.

Chrysler confirmed that Viper assets were turned over to Fiat last week as part of the buyout.

Chrysler still plans to shut down the production for two weeks in mid-July.

And so, the future of the fabled Viper is optimistic–for now. But who knows what Fiat might have in store?

Could the All-American Viper be the recipient of some juicy Italian flare? (As if it needed any more.)

Personally, I’d settle for a Viper with an F430 interior. If I’m going to die in this thing, might was well be comfortable when I do.

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