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The Valkry Empyrean – Nope, we’ve never heard of it either.

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Valkry Empyrean

It seems like there are new boutique supercar manufacturers popping up every week. Companies like Pagani, Spyker, Gumpert and SSC are just a few who have sprung up in the last 5-10 years with the high hopes of taking on the world and wowing the automotive public. Based out of Memphis, Tennessee and claiming a top speed of over 200 mph the Valkry Empyrean is a car that has yet to materialize, but one that looks to have some promise. Supposedly designed in the UK and constructed with German pedigree (whatever that means), the Valkry Corporation is touting the upcoming Empyrean as a supercar that is built for the person who wants something different.

Valkry Empyrean

The Valkry Empyrean design looks to be a combination of a few different automobiles. I see a little Audi TT in the sides and rear and a bit of Nissan GT-R and Chrysler 300 in the front. Power is said to come from a supercharged 7L engine (most likely a Corvette ZR1 based LS9) that is capable of churning out 635 hp and 540 lb-ft tq. It’s also said to have true 4 passenger capabilities and a price tag that ranges between $210,900-$375,000. We have no idea if the Valkry Empyrean will be any good, but with specs like that we’re pretty excited to find out.

Source: Jameslist.com

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