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The Ultimate Ride For Your Next Barbeque

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Photo: Men In Aprons

I’ll admit that I’ve never been a fan of Orange County Choppers. From a functional standpoint, their bikes are more show than go. Even those that aren’t built for promotional purposes are good for a quick Sunday morning ride and not much more, so you’ll never see an OCC bike entered in an Iron Butt ride. Their promo bikes are useless, unless you consider them sculpture, which is exactly how they’re priced.

Photo: Men In Aprons

Enter the OCC RUB BBQ Chopper, a bike that just may change my opinion of OCC’s products. Built to promote RUB (Righteous Urban Barbeque), New York City’s premier rib joint, the RUB BBQ Chopper is the first OCC creation I’ve seen that can actually serve multiple purposes. Is it a motorcycle? Yes, it’s a fully functional motorcycle, albeit with a wheelbase similar to a school bus. You won’t be carving any canyons with this thing, but it will get you to your destination if you plan your trip carefully to avoid anything resembling a corner.

Photo: Men In Aprons

Here’s the best part: the bike includes a fully functional barbeque pit designed and built by David Klose of bbqpits.com. That means that this thing isn’t designed for show; it’s designed to cook meat low and slow, which really does tie back to the theme of the bike (which, coincidentally, will also cook your meat low and slow). I’m still not a fan of OCC, but even I have to admit the RUB BBQ Chopper is pretty damn cool. I’ll throw down my smoked baby back ribs against anyone on the planet, and if I owned a BBQ joint I’d want this thing parked out in front.

Source: Men In Aprons, via Neatorama

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