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The UK’s Public Ban on Smoking May Reach into your Car Next

Posted in General by will bee | July 11th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

 Smoking Ban - London

This past Sunday, July 1st, the ban on smoking in all public spaces went into effect in London. The ban not only effects mass transit, hotels and restaurants, but also sidewalks, taxi’s, parks and plaza’s. However it seems a 70% majority of those in London are prepared to take that ban on step forward to include private cars as well.
As a non-smoker there is a certain pleasure I enjoy in smoke-free restaurants and mass transits. As an American non-smoker any smoking bans that take place in other parts of the world do not effect me. Any person who attempts to argue that smoking around children, animals and other non-smokers is not rude and dangerous to anyone’s health will be picking up a debate that might prove difficult to win. But stepping into someone’s home or home away from home (their car) and telling them that smoking while riding alone or with other smokers is now prohibited seems to be an egregious attack on personal freedoms.

What do you think of a potential ban on smoking in private cars?

Smoking litterBut while we are on the topic of smoking and transportation there is one other item I would like to touch upon. Like I said above I do not feel it is my right to deny someone else the freedom to smoke alone in their car, or with other smokers. However, there seems to be a common side-effect of smoking in a car and that is the collection of (cigarette) Butts along the intersections of our public roadways.
At one point in the late 1970’s there was a large campaign to have all canned drinks equipped with stay-on tabs to eliminate the litter that resulted from the pull-tab. Where is that same campaign to attack those Butt-heads tossing their used-up fags (British term for cigarette) on our public roads, curbs and sidewalks? Why do we not hold the cigarette manufacturers accountable? Better yet let’s stop being so soft on smokers and outlaw the filtered cigarette.
No Filters – No Litter.


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