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The UK’s Lightening GT is Ready! Pre-Order at Will!

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lighteninggt-1.jpg picture by willfusion

The UK’s answer to Tesla and the EV revolution that is vamping up is the Lightening GT, and the word coming down the pipeline is the Lightening Car Company is taking pre-orders now. For 15,000 British pounds you can cement your place in line to receive one of the first Lightening GT’s to step out onto the left hand lane. The Lightening Car Company appears to have everything in order and expects to make delivery of their EV coupe in 2009.

What the buyers of the Lightening GT will be getting for their money is a vehicle that is safe for the environment and lightening fast off the line. With a body consisting of carbon fiber and Kevlar and a front-to-back weight distribution of 48/52 the combined 700-hp between the independent 4-electric motors will have no problem propelling the Lightening GT to its reported zero-to-sixty in a flat 4 seconds.

Each wheel is spun by its own 120 kw electric motor with traction control and regenerative braking to boot. Unlike the Tesla EV car in America there is no transmission or gears or drive-shafts to create any mechanical difficulties or production hold-ups in the Lightening GT. And unlike a gasoline engine that requires increased revolutions in order to reach its top speed the Lightening GT’s full power is available in an instant from the NanoSafe batteries.
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The Lightening GT’s NanoSafe batteries “use nano titanate materials instead of graphite which makes them far more thermally stable – there are no toxics or heavy metals used in NanoSafe™ batteries.” Their batteries have a 12 year life expectancy and can be fully recharged in a mere 10 minutes.

While the final price of the Lightening GT is still a mystery its 250 mile drive cycle on a 10-minute charge only adds to the already impressive features of the classically designed EV wonder. The Lightening GT does not necessarily scream EV at first glance it looks to be one of the more advanced EV’s to be this near to production. We, the average driver, may not be able to afford the Lightening GT, but with any luck the technology that drives it will become a hot commodity with other car manufacturers and some day soon there may be an affordable EV that can take full advantage of where the Lightening Car Company already has.


Source[WorldCarFan and Lightening Car Company]

Technical Specifications

Drive Motor:

  • Hi-Pa Drive™ technology – four 120kw power Permanent Magnet brushless motors
  • Full traction control and regenerative braking on all four wheels independently


  • State of the art NanoSafe™ battery packs. 36kw power

Chassis Type:

  • Multi-tubular spaceframe backbone chassis

Bodywork Type:

  • Two-door
  • Material: Lightweight carbon fibre/Kevlar composite technology


  • Fully independent suspension
  • Front and rear double wishbones, coils-over shock


  • Rack and pinion
  • Electrically power-assisted with driver select mode
  • Adjustable for both rake and reach


  • Regenerative braking on all four wheels
  • Independent mechanical handbrake system locking rear wheel motors

Wheels & Tyres:

  • Front & rear – 20″/20’’ x 7.5J wheels lightweight cast aluminium alloy (Lightweight magnesium/carbon fibre as option)
  • COOPERTIRES Cooper Zeon 2XS 245/40R20


  • Length: 175″ / 4445 mm
  • Width excl. mirrors: 76.3″ / 1940 mm
  • Height: 47.2″ / 1200 mm
  • Wheelbase: 102″ / 2590 mm
  • Front track: 65.7″ / 1669 mm
  • Rear track: 65.7″ / 1669 mm
  • Ground clearance: 5.51″ / 140 mm
  • Boot space: large boot TBC
  • Turning circle: 28 ft
  • Anticipated weight dist. (F/R-full): 48/52

Press Release


In June 2007, The Lightning Car Company announced its intent to develop electric technology for a luxury British sports car – the Lightning GT. Today sees the unveiling of its evolutionary design. This super car with its outstanding presence & performance is set to put British sports car innovation well and truly back on the map. Designed to accommodate the latest battery and motor technology and reflect its 100% electric power and performance, the electric Lightning prototype is being hand-built by a small team of passionate British engineers, designers and collaborators.

Whilst the rest of the automotive world engages in the hybrid, hydrogen or electric debate, the Lightning Car Company firmly believes its 100% Electric Lightning GT will help kick start the market for performance EV’s. Without a significant positive shift in perception, electric motoring will remain a huge compromise in the eyes of driving enthusiasts and therefore fail to impress the masses. Our vision is shared by the world’s biggest car maker, General Motors, who believes the global oil supply has peaked and a switch to electric cars is inevitable…

The design team has created a successor to the petrol Lightning GT. Combining the spirit, heritage, individuality and drama of the original car with a dynamic and contemporary design language moves it into a new era and, in doing so, embraces the new technologies and innovative architecture that reside beneath its skin. Subtle creases, positive and negative sections add a sense of strength and finesse to the dramatic  surfaces of the car while retaining an understated, yet distinctive British Grand Tourer aesthetic. The Lightning’s interior will also be designed to complement the unique electric driving experience.

With the build of the prototype well underway, we should see how this translates into the ‘real thing’ during the second half of 2008. The electric Lightning GT and Sports versions are now available to pre-order and deposits of £15,000 are being accepted.

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