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The Truth About The Audi R8 Blackbird And It’s Mystery Box: The Infrasonic Wave Pulse Generator

The Audi R8 Blackbird has been hovering around the autoblogosphere for a few months now. It’s a damn impressive supercar built for a specific purpose: Cross Country Speed. Every single gadget and whizbang in and on this vehicle is there to help it stay on the road at high speed and avoid getting pulled over (and all the bits and pieces are put together beautifully, it’s a real work of art). Plus, on top of it’s inventory of extreme gadgetry, the guy giving the video tour is the winner of the Spirit of Gumball trophy and holder of the transcontinental driving speed record, Alex Roy – so you know the company it’s owner keeps. Roy made it across the United States in 31 hours, 4 minutes in his highly modified BMW M5. But according to the video, the owner of the car isn’t Roy, but some mystery man. In fact, there’s a air of mystery about the whole video.

Let’s clear up some of that mystery. There is a strong subculture of transcontinental speed freaks who participate in various rallies and races like the Bullrun, Gumball, and Fireball Run. The people who participate in these races usually form teams so they can scout out the road ahead and coordinate to really do it right. Alex Roy, for instance, runs with his team: Team Polizei. The R8 Blackbird, on the other hand, runs with Team Angry, and it’s already participated in the Bullrun 2008. As for the mystery man who owns the car, according to various sources, that’s Andre Betz. The part I’m still curious about, though, is the creepy box on the front of the R8 Blackbird: The Liquid Cooled Infrasonic Wave Pulse Generator. Nobody knows much about it, but I do have some theories. Check them out, along with a few pictures and a complete list of the car’s inventory:

The Audi R8 Blackbird is an amazing car, built for a singular purpose and with a fanatical single-mindedness. The car is made and modified to go very fast and to avoid police. From what I understand it was purpose built for the 2008 Bullrun. And judging from it’s hardcore nature, I’d say that it might be the one that sets the next transcontinental speed record… if it hasn’t already. Yeah, it’s entirely possible that Andre Betz may have already broken the record with this car and is just waiting a year until the statute of limitations is up on the traffic violations. Could be, it’s possible.

Take a look at what this car has:


Uniden BCD-396T Trunk Tracker Scanner
Uniden BCD-996T GPS Scanner
Cobra 75 WX-ST CB Radio
GRadio 5watt VHF Radios with Iasus NT-3 Evolution Throat Mics
WAAV AirBox X2 EVDO Rev A Dual Cellular Broadband Router with WIFI
Escort 9500ci Radar Detector with AI Design Custom Mirror Mounted Display
Valentine V1 with POP Detection
Escort Laser Shifters Front and Rear
(2) Garmin Nuvi 760 Units with FM traffic
(2) Hirshmann GPS 918 5V Flex Cellular GPS antennas
Antennex 4 Foot CB antenna
Antennex 2 Foot Tuned Scanner antenna
(2) Safecraft PC2 2.5 lb Dry Fire Extinguishers with Billet Quick Release Mounts
Whelen HHS2100 PA System with 100watt Amplifier and Loudspeaker
Gloss Black Powder-coated SDS 20-inch Forged Wheels
Flat Black Ceramic Coated Brake Hats and Rotors
Flat Black Ceramic Coated Exhaust Tips
Capristo Sports Exhaust with Computer Controlled Valves
Custom AI Design Roof Console
(2) Dension ICE iPhone stations
Touchscreen Tablet PC Running Google Earth/Delorme Road Atlas/Google Maps/Njection/Trapster
And of course, the Proprietary Liquid Cooled INFRA-SONIC Field Wave Generator

So What Exactly Does An Infrasonic Field Wave Pulse Generator Do?

Infrasound is simply sound with a frequency too low to be heard by humans. The lowest frequency a human can hear is 20 hertz, so anything below that is infrasound. That means the box on the front of the Blackbird is basically just a subwoofer, capable of generating ultra-low, ultra-powerful sound. Still, there are a ton of hypothesis and random guesses as to what that infrasound actually does for the car, so I’ll run down each of the major ones and then give my opinion. But first, here’s some extra info about “the device” gleaned from various forums:

-It’s fed by a 7000 watt peak modified sinewave inverter. I don’t really know what that means, other than it’s a huge amount of wattage.
-Some info on the liquid-cooled part: the coolant lines are pressure tested up to 60 PSI at 300 degrees F. The maximum operating temperature on “the device” is 190 degrees. That seems pretty hot for some clear tubes; so that tells me they’re high-tech. But maybe I’m wrong; that’s what the comments are for.
-According to the owner of the car, “the device” is never operated while the vehicle is stationary or when people are in front of it. He also said the unit isn’t available to the public, but it isn’t military technology and therefore doesn’t fall under any military classification…“yet”. Notice the all important “yet”.

Possible uses:
Possibility #1 – Super-Powered Deer Whistle
Some people think the Blackbird can turn on the device when it hits a dark, wooded area and the powerful infrasound wave will keep deer and other critters from running in front of the car. That way they can travel on woodland roads at high speeds without worry. For this to be true, the 7000 watt device would need to be on constantly for long periods of time. But judging from the high level of power it consumes, I think this thing probably operates in bursts. So I say unlikely to this one.
Possibility #2 – Some Type of NightVision
Some forum folks say that the infrasound acts like sonar and can give the driver an image of the road ahead when all the lights are off. But there are already a fair number of very efficient and powerful types of night vision on the market, and none of them use 7000 watts or require liquid-cooling. Again, I think this one is unlikely.
Possibility #3 – Laser/Radar Jammer
It could be the mystery box is a high tech super jammer that works by cloaking the car in a field of infrasound. However, jammers already exist, they’re fairly small, and don’t need to be cooled. In fact, the Blackbird openly admits it has various types of jammers in the front and rear of the car already, check the inventory. Another unlikely possibility, in my opinion.
Possibility #4 – Creepy Military Grade Acoustic Weapon
Interestingly, infrasound has been known to cause feelings fear and anxiety in humans, along with physical symptoms like nausea. When someone slow is in front of the Blackbird, and they want them to pull over, could it be that they just blast the Infrasonic generator, get on the PA system and tell the guy to get out of the way? Like I said before, judging from the setup of the device, it seems like its built to be activated in short bursts instead of turned on and left on. Out of the 4 hypothesis listed here (and there are undoubtedly many more), this one seems the most plausible to me.

That’s all I’ve got. Any other theories are welcome. Let’s hear what you think, Ridelusters.

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45 Responses

  1. killboy.com says:

    A theory is not “The Truth”. I love your site…please don’t diminish your credibility by making such claims.

    I don’t see why #1 couldn’t be a possibility, considering all the time and effort put into a record cross-country attempt, only to be thwarted by a small dog or similar animal, nevermind mind something larger. Imagine hitting a deer at 100+mph in that thing…you’re done. The same reason it would make slow drivers want to get out of your way would also make animals want to move…discomfort. Plus it would explain the cooling…on for long periods.

    #2 is brushed off as not making any sense? Why not? Kill the lights, black car, cop never sees you to switch on the instant-on radar. Not like someone is going to hit you from behind at 100+mph. All you have to do is worry about what’s up ahead.

    Interesting machine either way. As a regular law-breaking hooligan myself, I look forward to hearing more about it.

  2. Vito says:


    I put “the truth” in the title because we found the actual owner is Andre Betz and runs for Team Angry. As far as I know, there is no other article or post about the Blackbird that has that info. I may be wrong, but I haven’t seen one, so I figured the title was appropriate. And as for the theories; I didn’t really elaborate on them, but I don’t think it’s likely that the device would be run for any long period of time, I think it can only operate in bursts, considering the huge amount of power it consumes (7000 watt peak), so it’d be useless as a deer whistle type of device. It’s just too complex for that use. Same goes for #2… there are already tons of types of night vision on the market that work really well, either a device that picks up heat signatures or just a night vision cam that works using low levels of light, neither would need to be liquid cooled, and both work perfectly. That’s why I’m leaning toward the infrasonic weapon theory, it just makes the most sense given all the info.

  3. marshd142 says:

    I highly doubt the Proprietary Liquid Cooled INFRA-SONIC Field Wave Generator
    would be used for making people feel ill while driving. sense the blackbird has sirens and strobe lights to warn drivers to pull over to begin with going one step further by making them sick is highly unlikely. But the idea of some sort of low frequency sub woofer to warn off animals (such as deer) is a much more understanding. One of the things that goes through my mind whenever I see someone speed in a wooded area is if a deer were to run in front of them not only will it cause damage to the car but most likely injure the driver and the passenger.

  4. oneShot says:

    Well, seeing as how it is a low frequency generator, it would be impractical to use as an animal defense as most animals respond to ultrasonic tones. What i think its purpose is, is much more specific. Having strobes and sirens are not very “stealth”, and most people do not notice them in time as it is. The wave that this could generate would be HUGE – and have a greater effective range. Plus it is focused. If you have ever heard one of those “stereos with wheels” you know how it will shake your car and fill your ears with a drone, its the same idea, but a much lower pitch and frequency, and focused – where the common subwoofer is not. For a comparison, a subwoofer is to a fire hose like the wave generator is to a waterjet machine. This would be something “felt” and not heard. This “tech”, as it were, has been tested before with crowd control and such and has been known to cause all sorts of emotional feelings and also physical, such as suddenly feeling ill or (for lack of a better term) the need to use the rest room. This would also alter your vision as your eyes would vibrate, causing blurred vision. Now, if someone was driving along and suddenly felt sick, and their vision became blurred, it would be a natural reaction to get off the roadway, or at least pull over – opening up a path of least resistance. So, i think THAT is what it is intended to do and the reason for not using it while parked or have anybody directly in front of it. And to touch on the so called “night vision”, if it were such a device, the frequency is too low and would go through whatever it is you want to “see”. A high frequency generator would be used for that, but then again, there are better ways of seeing at night, and a FLIR would be the best item for this type of car or you could be crude and go with some NVG’s, but that’s the poor man’s solution, and this guy is far from poor. I am sure deer strikes would be bad, but what about dogs, cats, coons, skunks, and whatever other furry critter might be on the road? They would all do damage, and they all respond to different frequencies. Plus, it would have to always be on, and not require the power this thing has. Is it some type of weapon? Absolutely. Its called non-lethal force (not the name, as i don’t know what its called ) but it has been in development for some time, and will be used for crowd control, just like non-lethal bullets and non-lethal grenades.

  5. getaneducation says:

    A modified sinewave inverter is an inverter that superimposes 2 square waves to approximate a sine wave. Typically found in cheap computer UPSes.

    An infrasonic transducer that outputs 7KW would have to be atleast a meter in diameter (rough estimate). The reason for this is that the size of the speaker is inversely proportional to the square of the frequency.
    This is why on your home stereo, the woofer is so much bigger than the tweeter.

    Basic physics which any college graduate could have told you.

    The only conclusion to be drawn is that this device is a load of bullshit.

  6. Chrome says:

    I’d say it has to do with protecting the vehicle from police radar. It wouldn’t require long term power applied, just a burst each time the detector is triggered by radar in the area. It would fend off the radar lock similar to how the laser defusers fend off a laser attack.

  7. ballz says:

    definitely agree with chrome, if the cop was shooting radar this would definitely affect the units ability to recover the signal

    therefore he could keep his speed and not worry about it, poor speed trap cameras…

  8. Steve says:

    In the UK police cars are testing a “powerful subwoofer” system for use on the motorways. Some drivers don’t see them coming up fast behind them even with blue lights and regular sirens, the “sub” system physically makes cars in front vibrate so waking up the driver to hopefully pull out the way. At least that was on the local new station last week.

  9. djbmw says:

    The Truth is that its an IR Light Transmitter with IR night vision camera above. At the top you’ll notice the IR Camera in silver and then the beast is a massive IR Transmitter. Most IR Night Vision cameras have 50 or so IR LED lights that allow them to see up to 50 meters. However, when traveling at speeds in excess of 150+ mph,… 50 meters comes and go’s way to fast to be effective. With the IR Light Transmitter, the light is emitted at much greater distances, allowing for visibility at a much greater distance.

    Look it up – you’ll see that exact IR Transmitter (and similar) being used in other applications ,… and the camera can be found on eBay and different online stores.

  10. a418tq says:

    i believe djbmw’s explanation is by far the most plausible. Even in the name its referred to as a “field” generator. Creating this field to a very extensive degree will allow the driver to drive in any condition with no lights exposed, and see as if it were day time. Traveling at this excess of speed I think u will have trouble trying to find an equivalent night vision set up that will accomidate at any regular store.

  11. TaoDepree says:

    Back again .. after speaking with My insider friend at MIT he and his cohorts couldn’t resist tearing every detail of this up … And all came to one realistic conclusion .. most of which was matched up with the video and the The TECH stuff in the car

    THIS IS BASED ON 7 peoples opinions the attend MIT currently they are uber geeks I can assure you

    Conclusion –> A vehicle mounted LRAD type device

    Supporting Facts- …

    If you look through the AIR Force/ NSA PDF I listed before you will notice the mention of it taking incredible power to use a device like that. * In the DESC. they mention the 7000 some odd watts of power it consumes. Which is why you need the Cooling obviously.

    He mentions a PA system with sirens and such and laughs as he is saying that. most vehicle P.A. systems are delivered through a Horn Woofer and would be obvious where it was coming from… “unless it was stealth mounted and could be done at long range to avoid obvious guilt. :-)

    They mention that laws will be formed against this …

    Cant be Deer/ Animal decoys why make that illegal ? not that it wouldn’t work for that though as a bi product. but def not its main purpose.

    You wouldn’t make a linear .. best of the best night vision for cars illegal … that could and would save lives. Rule that out. plus why go through the trouble when GM has several versions for sale that are not cheap but work great. … Plus night vision inst illegal in any other form. even the MIL Spec versions are available to the General Public

    The MIT Crew also stated being that the TEAM Name is FEAR ?? is some what of a tell tail to the end of this long story.

    They said that the only reason to make something like that illegal is you could cause serious injury’s or deaths if using it on a populated road / area … Not to mention the Extremes listed in the details
    **biophysical effects; nausea, loss of bowels, disorientation, vomiting, potential internal organ damage or death may occur <— NOT GOOD FOR THE PEOPLE lols.

    Just a top notch battery of opinions.

    Cant wait until they just come out and say it.

  12. Rhinomeat says:

    The infrasound generator is designed to be used in short bursts but you guys have it all wrong, its used to disrupt the flow of air around the outside of the car, turn it on when headed into a strong wind and the generators sound waves disrupt the coherent air and reduce drag,

    • Andre says:

      I agree 100%, its used to creating some sort vacuum tunel ahead you, much less air resistence, resulting in more speedy etc.

  13. TaoDepree says:

    I understand the gain from that but once again why make that illegal ?? nothing wrong with a little less drag. Not to mention that the car is extremely aerodynamic already.

    If you read / look up that pdf I listed previously it gives a very clear description of what the government made the thing for. ” Google Ifrasound and airforce… it isn’t far from the top, the report is from the late 70’s / 80’s look at the side effects.. nothing listed about drag reduction not that moving all that air would do that a little.

    But hell who knows could still be BS … FEAR tactic.. no pun

  14. Jah says:

    I believe the Infrasonic Field Wave Pulse Generator is Non-Lethal subsonic Weapon. You have a very expensive car like this, you would want to keep the a-holes away from it while parked, especially people who drive those blooted SUVs.

  15. Logan says:

    I think it is an experimental radar device. Infrasonic waves travel alot further then regular radar waves. ALOT further…so I think that he should be able to possibly detect and jam alot further out then most…and in turn making him a stealth bomber of a car….awesome thouhg

  16. Reactive says:

    It’s probably non-functional. Most likely used to stir up debate and theories on article websites.

    Plausible? Probably.

  17. Steve says:

    The silver thing is a GoPro camera. You can buy them for $150. If you watch the video there’s another one behind the passenger’s head.

  18. McLen says:

    Look up something called the Rumbler. Police, Fire and EMS use them to generate ultra-low sound and essentially scare the living garbage out of whatever is in front of them. Although they aren’t nearly as big, nor do they have the need to be liquid cooled. This generator could be the Rumbler on a MUCH bigger scale.

  19. Stefan says:

    It could be an EMP gun. However I would think it would be mounted to the back of the car.

  20. Vito Rispo says:

    Vito, the writer of the original article here…
    djbmw’s explanation is pretty convincing. I’ve been looking around lately and I’m losing faith in my original theory that its an acoustic weapon. It also very well may be that this “device” has been played up by the car owner as a super secret item, when it reality it’s just something else, or nothing at all.

    New Theories:
    – djbmw’s idea… “its an IR Light Transmitter with IR night vision camera above. At the top you’ll notice the IR Camera in silver and then the beast is a massive IR Transmitter. Most IR Night Vision cameras have 50 or so IR LED lights that allow them to see up to 50 meters. However, when traveling at speeds in excess of 150+ mph,… 50 meters comes and go’s way to fast to be effective. With the IR Light Transmitter, the light is emitted at much greater distances, allowing for visibility at a much greater distance.”
    -a liquid cooled IR imager. it could be useful because an IR imager’s operation is independent of visible light which means, when they hit their light/kill switches they can hit the strobes and keep going. everyone chasing them with light enhancing night vision (most readily available setups) will be unable to follow due to the strobe effect. meanwhile they (R8) can keep going. but why is it facing forward?
    -used to trigger the signal priority switches installed in many cities, which respond to IR light in a particular frequency range (originally designed to let firetrucks get a green light faster)
    – a device designed to defeat automatic traffic control cameras, which are triggered by the pressure pulse of vehicles passing over them. This thing could generate a welter of confusing pressure pulses which would cause premature firing of cameras or none at all because of noise filtering.

  21. Vito Rispo says:


    “There are two basic ranges of infrared; long-wave infrared and medium-wave infrared. The long-wave infrared (LWIR) cameras, sometimes called “far infrared”, operate at 8 to 12 micrometre and can see heat such as hot engine parts or human body heat a few miles away, but longer distance viewing is made more difficult because the infra-red light is absorbed, scattered and refracted by the air and water vapor. Some long-wave FLIRs require their detector to be cryogenically cooled, although moderately sensitive FLIRs are produced that do not require cryogenic cooling.”

    I’m convinced this may just be the answer. Major props to djbmw.

  22. Clay says:

    I think it plays cassette tapes. Also, I’m right. That’s totally a cassette player. I can tell.

  23. xul says:

    I agree with Vito & djbmw. At 100+ mph you need all the visibility you can get, and there’s no need to slow down if the weather goes to hell.

  24. xul says:

    McLen’s idea about the Rumbler looked plausible, but 7000 watts? The police versions only use 100, 200 watts. Talk about overkill.

  25. wwav10 says:

    looks to me is just a power inverter to power-up all the in vehicle electronic gizmo. As getaneducation stated correctly, the size is too small to be a 7K watt infrasonic transmitter.

  26. Joe says:

    An acoustic weapons system like a LRAD requires a speaker. That is not a speaker, it is either a radar camera or a IR camera. Also, the driver would be incredibly stupid to use a LRAD type of system on the road in the first place. The LRAD irritates people enough to cause them to fall down, drop anything they are holding, and have temporary vision problems. On the road, that could result in an accident, as you cannot rely on the other drivers to pull over. The driver could end up letting go of the wheel. The fact that the system is not a speaker also debunks the theory of it being a rumbler, not to mention that the rumbler units are the size of a car alarm speaker. You go and try to put 7kW of electricity through a speaker and see what happens.

    I’d say it is not a radar type of system, because it would have no purpose on the road. There are active radar jammers (Phantom RCD) and a radar jammer is not a camera, it sends out a frequency.

    That leaves the FLIR theory. This is possible, but why? Large military spec LWIR cameras may need to be cooled. Not all of them need it. The need for cooling and the design of the unit could be a LWIR. However, the need for a military spec LWIR doesn’t make any sense for these reasons:
    1. There already is a LWIR system designed for vehicles. It however doesn’t need to be cooled, isn’t a large bulky object, and has a spectrum range of 8 to 14 micrometers. http://www.atncorp.com/flirsystem-thermalimager-flirpathfindir-ntsc.
    Why redesign the wheel? This is used by LE, so it should be plenty for a rally car.
    2. Military LWIR FLIR systems are designed to give high resolution video to the controller. This video is then displayed on a computer monitor or projected onto a screen. When projected onto a screen, the high resolution of these cameras allow for the viewer to be able to recognize what they are looking at.
    3. In order for a military spec LWIR FLIR system to be of any real value to a rally car, the video would need to be either on a laptop or projected onto the windshield. The laptop, although hooked up to the device, would be a bad idea for the driver. In order for a FLIR thermal imaging system to help a driver, the driver has to be able to see it in front of him, in his line of vision while driving. The laptop therefore would have to be on the dash while driving. The only place a laptop could rest safely on the dash is in the middle of the dash. While this does allow for the driver to be able to view the Njection, Google Earth, etc and the thermal image software, it would be distracting. If you are counting on a thermal image to help you drive over 100 MPH at night, it needs to be in your direct line of sight on the road ahead of you. So a small A/V receiver, not a laptop, is needed or use a HUD method below.

    This leaves a heads up display. In order for a FLIR system of that size to be useful, the image being viewed by the driver would need to be rather large. The video would have to be projected by either a state of the art HUD system that can manage the entire windshield (not likely) or a projector hooked up to the laptop would have to be mounted in the rear window so it can project the video onto the whole windshield. I did not notice a projector in the rear windshield.

    The most beneficial use of FLIR in a vehicle is to have a small HUD or A/V receiver to display the thermal image video feed. The ATN system does just that. So the use of a military spec LWIR FLIR system that uses 7kW of electricity is just plain stupid if it didn’t take up the whole windshield. I didn’t see anything in that car with the ability of doing that. Not to mention that fancy noise ornament probably cannot handle 7kW without frying. The cooling may help, but in exposed conditions I doubt it would help. For a system of that size to handle 7kW, it would most definitely need be cooled with a cryogenic fluid. The problem is, cryogenic fluids cannot remain cold in an exposed condition. Those green tubes cannot do that outside of a laboratory and in driving conditions. In order to keep a cryogenic substance cold enough to remain a cryogenic substance outside of a lab, the cooling system would take large amounts of energy. Then the FLIR system uses 7kW on top of that? Sorry, no car out there can make enough energy to meet the demands of that system. You could use an amplifier to get 7kW, but that still leaves you with the problem of providing enough energy to run the cooling system.

    So in the end, I’d say it is purely a decoration intended to intimidate. If it does actually work at 7kW and has a cooling system, the creator of that system would already have public with its purpose and how it was implemented in the R8. If it is a FLIR system, the creator is an idiot. He only accomplished redesigning the wheel in a bulker, less efficient form.

    The thing is, the device is titled as a Infrasonic wave pulse generator. In other words, an Infrasonic generator. However, these devices are speakers. I don’t see a speaker anywhere on that device. The use of the device wold have similar results to a LRAD on the road. Do your homework on infrasound testing done by the military:
    So if it is an infrasonic generator, somehow I cannot conceive of due to a lack of a sub-woofer, the driver is still an idiot.

    Which leads me back to my conclusion that it is an elaborate decoration clogging up the grill. The owner, Andre Betz, either is an idiot for trying to reinvent the wheel when it comes to LWIR FLIR systems for vehicles, doesn’t know what a infrasonic generator is and thinking that it would be a good idea to use it on the road, or has come up with something that hasn’t even been discussed here. Chances are that whatever it could be has already been discussed though.

  27. Riley says:

    It’s a flux capacitor.

  28. Junk says:

    Its obviously a ir camera/device of some sorts… Can we figure out how it works now!

  29. MrAngry says:

    It’s actually a juicer… he supposedly really likes fruit.

  30. donald says:

    don : Louisiana
    Infrasound devices or weapon does exist. Organized Stalking Groups protected by Rogue Police harass victims every day nationwide with it. It is not very pleasant to feel, as for the last five years, I have been harassed by one. It can be mounted in a vehicle or placed in a home and is very directional aimed. I am now running ads in the news paper to expose this stalking. They arrested a man the same day. They use 200 vehicles around the victim while driving and use this device on him so it is very hard to spot the correct vehicle carrying the device.

    • Nan says:

      I’d love to talk with you about yr experience being harassed by infrasound. I believe this is what I’ve been hearing (and feeling) from next door, the past 8 months now.
      Were you ever able to prove/ID where the noise was coming from and if so, how? Sound is super-low, and when turned up in intensity, my ears start ringing, hairs dance and at worst, air in room starts to vibrate…along with my head.
      Late night stuff…kept me up countless hours so far. PD are useless.

      Any advise besides hiring an acoustical engineering firm to come out and set up testing equipment?

  31. Derp says:

    Its bull shit.

    You don’t need some fancy ass device to generate sound wave, which is what infrasound waves are, its just compressions and rarefactions in the air.

    If i wanted to i could pull up a signal generator in protools and select any signal between 1-20hz and its not going to do anything, rarefactions and compressions that far apart wont do shit.

    Do it bring up a frequency generator, crank the velocity of the wave and see what happens, because thats creating infrasonic waves. nothing fancy here.

  32. Plausible Denial says:

    Ok, let’s look at the facts. This gadget does not have a speaker. Infrasound generator = out. 7KW?? Are you KIDDING me? Nothing uses that kind of electricity except maybe a time-traveling Delorean. Anything requiring that sort of juice would have to haul a trailer along with it containing the power cell and generator. 7KW is enough to power a large rock concert. The device obviously does SOMETHING, but what?

    Aside from cause millions of car geeks (like me) to waste many hours of valuable time pouring over forum threads like this one, what else does it do? Nobody knows for sure, but here is my theory: Looks to me like a powerful IR light. This makes sense as the IR camera mounted beside it requires an IR source. Yes, it’s big and clunky, but this is the most plausible answer. Driving fast at night is scary. Seriously scary. And dangerous. And yes, I’ve done it. Anything you can use to give you advance warning of animals in the road (etc.) from a distance is good. At speed, a standard night-vision system (GM’s for example) is not must good. It does not see far enough. This looks to me like some sort of one-of-a-kind IR system. Nothing else front-mounted makes sense. I have to wonder though why is it so aerodynamically inefficient? It almost looks like it has a housing which has been removed. It would be easily damaged if not protected…

    My $0.02.

    • Anonymous says:

      Did no one watch the Mythbusters episode where they found the < 20 Hz frequencies didn't do shit? Adam and Jamie were standing directly in front of TOWER CONCERT SPEAKERS. Some tiny ass speaker mounted to the grille of a car isn't going to overpower that.

  33. Steve says:

    wouldn’t it be funny – if in addition to producing fear and panic in people from the wave pulse machine – if the car could also disrupt police helicopter infrared systems by emitting a strobe like effect from this infrasonic wave pulse generator machine.

    Just saying

  34. Steve says:

    The fact is –

    This is a weapon

    Do the research

    whether this particular device works – or is large enough to be effective is perhaps debatable – looks to have been development of this type of weapon started back in the early 1970’s probably wasn’t ” perfected ” until recently however

    you wouldn’t want to be in front of it

    An infrasonic device with sufficient power will kill you

    This one at the very least will give you feelings of dread, hysteria, confusion etc……

    Probably knows a guy who used to work for the Army – and that’s how he got his hands on it

    Which tells me the newer infrasonic devices the military have today – if deployed- could probably kill a human from 5 miles out, with pin point accuracy – and no one would know it was coming.

  35. Sam Crawford says:

    I’m going with night driving? Since the car is used for cross country racing, no headlights would be the ultimate stealth.

  36. kyle says:

    A quick google search leads me to believe those are refrigerant lines used to cool an infrared camera. i read a few papers indicating that lower temperatures increase resolution.

    • kyle says:


      here is one of the places i looked.

      to me it looks like a large lens and heat exchanger, probably retrofitted from a commercial helicopter rig which is why its not readily recognizable.

      Alex roy freely admits to sparking interest at Langley with his team polizei cars.

      its not inconceivable a camera nerd kicked his friends some knowledge and parts, especially since alex has said he is out of that game.

  37. Tts dave says:

    Perhaps it is some type of Doppler radar that puts out a 7K effective pulse similar to weather radar. Using a narrow beam and antenna design would produce gain that could be equivalent to 7K (think satellite)

  38. J4nu5 says:

    All this equipment is dandy and all, but if a police officer sees you, it’s not too hard to visually distinguish between somewhere near 60 mph and over a 100 mph. Couldn’t they just radio ahead or issue a ticket anyways?

    Second, many people here failed to read that the device isn’t operated if there are people in front so wouldn’t that mean it would not be operated if there are vehicles (usually requiring people to be inside) in front of the car? Just sayin…

  39. Aaron Ramsay says:

    The IWG is actually a siren that rumbles the vehicle in front of it. Whelen Engineering makes a small version of this device called the rumbler. This military grade device would be much louder and let the vehicle in front know that you are behind them even at high speeds.

  40. Paul Danger Kile says:

    It’s a liquid cooled inverter. It’s used to provide power to the toys inside and has _nothing_ to do with infrasound.

    There’s all kinds of people on the interwebs that repeat the “infrasound makes people feel bad,” but it had no negative effects on Mythbusters.

    And the only infrasound amp that I ever heard was pure awesome. My friend had one from Germany. He would have the stereo volume really low and quiet, but I could feel the bass and drums in my frikkin’ bones. It was pleasant, and rocked!

  41. Ward says:

    I think its designed to be used against other rally drivers. In conjunction with the laser/radar guns, it could help scare them into slowing down.