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The top ten of retained value

Posted in Cars, General by davidallen | August 20th, 2007 | 1 Response |

According to the Power Information Network retained values for new cars appear to have been hijacked by imported models, which is strange, as you would have thought that home grown vehicles would lead the challenge.


With Hummer being the only real US challenge to the top ten, it comes in only at eighth place, the other nine being all imports.

Brands with the highest retained value included:

1. Scion, 69.8 percent

2. Honda, 68 percent

3. Mini, 66.8 percent

4. Acura, 65.8 percent

5. Toyota, 65.7 percent

6. Lexus, 64 percent

7. Subaru, 63.9 percent

8. Hummer, 63 percent

9. Nissan, 62.4 percent

10. BMW 61.2 percent

Nameplates showing the most retained-value improvement from the same time last year included:

1. Isuzu: up 6.90 percent to 56.9 percent

2. Acura: up 4.41 percent to 65.8 percent

3. Dodge: up 4.41 percent to 56.8 percent

4. Hummer: up 3.75 percent to 63 percent

5. Saturn: up 3.23 percent to 57.6 percent

6. GMC: up 2.39 percent to 59 percent

7. Chevrolet: up 2.35 percent to 58.2 percent

8. Ford: up 1.79 percent to 57.6 percent

9. Lexus: up 1.44 percent to 64 percent

10. Infiniti: up 0.83 percent to 60.9 percent

These figures represent the resale value of the cars after three years, naturally there would be additional costs to be considered too, like finance costs. But also there are always the expectations to the rule, some individual models may differ from the list.

Source [Auto Blog]

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One Response

  1. peter says:

    Yes…Acura MDX has good resale value.
    Its just fun to drive.
    Has a unique mix of performance, technology and value.