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The Top 5 Volkswagen Commercials

Posted in Videos, Volkswagen by Corey | July 29th, 2008 | 20 Responses |

Volkswagen commercials used to be universally great. Then out of nowhere, they had those ‘Un-Pimp Your Ride’ abominations, and everything since them has been junk. Let’s encourage greatness by listing the top 5 very best Volkswagen commercials from the era of good Volkswagen commercials.
The key to them all: Relateability. I don’t know if that’s actually a word, but you know what I mean. The best ones were just real life situations co-staring various Volkswagens.

So, here’s the run down:

5. Mr.Blue Sky

Get up and go to work and get up go to work. Everyone can relate with work, it sucks, but we do it. Yeah, we’re lame, we know. We’re living in our human zoo with the illusion of freedom. But then, holy crud, what’s that? A convertible Volkswagen Beetle? That’s real freedom. Bye bye working guy.

4. Da Da Da

The band Trio probably owes their mid-sized suburban homes to this commercial. At a certain stage of life, this is pretty much all you do. Just drive around and check stuff out. Sometimes you see a cool chair and you pick it up, then you get rid of it because it smells. That’s life. Let’s get a Volkswagen.

3. The Crash

This is like the M Night Shyamalan version of a VW commercial. Two guys driving down the road then suddenly… BAM, OMG Bruce Willis is actually a ghost and water kills aliens. Very scary. Really though, this is what accidents are like, they just happen, then they’re over.

2. Domo Arigato

This one is on the list mainly because is has Buster from Arrested Development in it. Again though, simple and easy to relate to. My favorite part? Notice how when the passenger opens the door, the driver tries to play off his Mr. Roboto antics. Hilarious.

1. Pink Moon

Nick Drake is fantastic and driving around with your friends in a convertible is fantastic. This commercial is near perfect. It’s about life, and driving, and youth, and everything. It says a lot in a short time and, no matter how queer they are, it makes me want a Cabrio.

Honorable Mention – The Tennis Ball

The “Top 6 Volkswagen Commercials” sounds ridiculous, but whatever, I had to include this one.
Remember when you were a kid and you’re having a blast playing frisbee and then your friend gets the frisbee stuck in the tree? Yeah, me too; the Volkswagen Golf is fun like a frisbee.

Did I get it all wrong? Did I miss one? Comment and let me know how much of an idiot I am. Please.

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20 Responses

  1. Mitch says:

    How did the Touareg pulling a 747 not make the list? I love that ad.

  2. bruce says:

    do you have the grey dog sitting in front of a fan wishing he was in a volkswagen?

  3. jimmhy says:

    where’s the commercial where the guy licks the car???

  4. Where is the ad that has the beetle walking by showing last years prices or something like that, that was really good but then again it could just be one done here in South Africa. :)

  5. Don’t you just love these adverts to me Volkswagen have always made the best adverts, at the moment the new Golf 6 with the 3 legged cheetah is my favorite.

  6. jimmy says:

    seriously, where is the spot where the guy licks the car??
    was the best vw commercial ever!!

  7. Volkswagen does do a great job in there tv ads. I like the new punch dub one alot.

  8. margaret Larson says:

    Stop with the stupid commercials. I would never buy a VW even though I am looking for a new car. Reason? You promote a form of violence. The worst commercial is the father that drives his kids around in his VW so they can watch people hit each other. Now kids are using the commercials as excuses to punch each other, even when passing cars aren’t VW’s. Any company who promotes even a mild form of violence is disgusting. My son-in-law is selling his and buying a Chevy because he hates to think people could use his car as a reason for someone hitting another person.

  9. MrAngry says:

    Margaret, relax… it’s a car ad. If you want to see real violence, then move to Brooklyn.

  10. g.k. says:

    What’s up with the new VW autoban commercial with the woman in the back seat yelling “SHOOT THE GAP, SHOOT THE GAP” for the driver to squeeze in between 2 semi trucks. You’re setting a very poor example for drivers everywhere…people are crazy enough behind the wheel without you giving them ideas. A terrible commercial to try to sell your cars.

  11. deborah holt says:

    I do not like the new commercial that has the phrase “shoot the gap”.
    Do you know how many young kids will think that is funny and try that.
    You have been very irresponsible to think that was good material.

  12. Bob hovey says:

    Naturally you must mean “Top Five NEW Volkswagen Commercials.” The best Volkwagen commercials are the ones done by Bill Bernbach in the 60’s. His “Think Small” campaign is generally regarded as the most successful advertising in history, and commercials like “The Funeral” and “Snow Plow” consistently appear near the top of any list of greatest TV commercials (usually right behind Apple’s 1984 Superbowl ad).

  13. Rodney says:

    I like the commercial in which a woman drives various boyfriends she has had in her VWs through the years. Is it posted anywhere?

  14. gary s. says:

    My favorite VW commercial was the “Champagne Edition” one. I have been trying to get another copy for years since I lost the one I made off the TV back in the 60’s. It went like this:
    “It’s something special, something we adore,
    with seats like velvet and plush carpets on the floor
    The trim is stunning, the color’s unique,
    its really outrageous, VW chic,
    It’s the Champagne, Champagne edition, something so new,
    You better hurry up, they’re only making a few,
    Champagne, Volkswagen (pop) does it again!”

  15. […] Think small, jusqu’au hurlant spot Touran, en passant par d’autres perles à retrouver ici ou là, la marque allemande a toujours su habilement jouer entre le sérieux de ses véhicules et […]

  16. […] Think small, jusqu’au hurlant spot Touran, en passant par d’autres perles à retrouver ici ou là, la marque allemande a toujours su habilement jouer entre le sérieux de ses véhicules et […]

  17. dene pettengill says:


  18. jess says:

    there’s also a commercial about a boy sharing his idea in the class… and it says ‘future manager of VW’ had anyonw got that ad?

  19. Molly Hammond says:

    Was wondering what ad breaks for the uk where animated? In between 2000-2007?

  20. Collette says:

    Hello – I’m looking for the VW commercial that features a young hippie couple in their VW Bug, that go’s through their relationship ups and downs and the subsequent VW’s they grow with.
    South African actors and made in SA as far as I know.
    Could you send me a link to download
    Collette xx