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The Strangest Video You’ll Watch Today

Posted in Bizarre, Funny Videos, Mustang, Rants & Raves by Kurt Ernst | May 29th, 2011 | 1 Response |

Think “Pulp Fiction Meets Bugs Bunny, As Directed By Robert Rodriguez” and you get a feel for what the video below is like. Called “Carrot versus Ninja”, it was unearthed by our Ralf Becker at Chromjuwelen. One of the stars in the short film is a Mustang (a ’67 Fastback if I’m not mistaken) with a lumpy cam, which makes the film about cars. Sort of. If you ignore the whole flesh-eating ninja rabbit thing. See for yourself below.

Carrot vs Ninja from Cedric Nicolas-Troyan on Vimeo.

Source: Chromjuwelen

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One Response

  1. Chris says:

    OH I GET IT! It’s a film that Robert Rodriguez would do cuz he’s so fucking weird hahahaha