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The Story Behind The ‘Crashproof’ Motorcycle Video

Posted in Crashes, Motorcycle Rides, Safety, Videos by Kurt Ernst | March 17th, 2011 | Leave a Reply |

Remember last summer’s viral video about a crashproof motorcycle? The one equipped with all sorts of sensors and gadgets to warn of impending danger? The one where the rider, in full view of a TV news crew, pulled out into traffic… and got waffled by a delivery truck? There was a whole lot of speculation flying around on whether or not the video was real; if it was, it showed what could have been a fatal collision between a bike and a truck. If it was fake, the question seemed to be why anyone would go to such elaborate lengths to pull off a hoax like this. The answer likes just a mouse click away.

The rider, Chris Howland, is a motorcycle officer for the Thames Valley police. The video was filmed to remind riders that there is no such thing as a “crash proof motorcycle”, and that safe riding requires constant attention to detail. While most of us remember to look both ways before pulling out into traffic, we’ve all done stupid things on two wheels. Ever look away at the scenery for a second, only to look back and see traffic stopped in front of you? Ever assume you have the right of way in an intersection, only to have a car cut you off at the last second? Ever ride in a car’s blind spot, only to have them come over into your lane? The real message is this: there’s no such thing as too much motorcycle training.

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