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The Squire by Bandit Films.

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The Squire by Bandit Films

Owning a classic car means that you need to possess a pretty even constitution as they’re not always the easiest vehicles to live with. They’re quirky, lack in creature comforts and although they can be very reliable, they’ll still test your patience from time to time. However, when built correctly these old cars will bestow upon you some of the greatest experiences you can ever imagine. Meet the Squire, or more importantly Kyle, the guy who owns this beautiful 1963 XL Ford Falcon Squire down in Australia. This is not a performance car, it’s not what someone would call “highly desirable”, nor is it worth 1 million dollars. What this Falcon Squire is though is a labor of love that Kyle has made into his daily driver. From the fake wood paneling, to the underpowered straight-6, this old wagon possesses something that very few other cars of any era will ever have. That being… it will always, always be cool.

Source: RalfBecker.com

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