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The Spirit of Porsche: There is No Substitute

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The History of Porsche

When one talks about Porsche the immediate thought that comes to mind is performance. Since the inception of the 356 the Porsche nameplate has become synonymous with motor sport. Over the years the company has participated in everything from classic events like the Mille Miglia, to off-road and tarmac rallying like the Paris Dakar, to of course Formula 1 racing. They are one of the few companies that still adheres to the philosophy of building full-on performance vehicles with the expectation that their customers are going to drive them as such. In fact Porsche has more factory based involvement in customer based events then any other manufacturer. From the iconic 911 to the Panamera, Porsche has defined themselves as a world leader in the performance car market. Although a few years old now, the following two videos were put together to show the public what every Porsche owner out there already knows – Porsche: There is No Substitute.

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