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The Smoking Tire Reviews The BMW F800R

Posted in BMW, Motorcycle, Motorcycle Review, Videos by Kurt Ernst | October 13th, 2011 | 2 Responses |

Motorcycle reviews are something fairly new to The Smoking Tire, but our pal Matt has a lengthy history on two wheels. Like the esteemed Mr. Farah, I once relied on motorcycles as primary transportation, and I can echo his sentiments; living in Colorado, where it can and will snow from September through April, bikes are a poor choice as a daily driver. If you’re lucky enough to have the budget for a bike as a weekend toy, the tough decision becomes which style, then which model, to pick.

If you’re looking for a bike to do the occasional commute on, plus strafe canyons on the weekend and run the occasional track day, BMW’s F800R streetfighter seems like a reasonable choice. Its parallel twin engine makes enough power to be entertaining without being intimidating, and it’s upright riding posture means you’ve got a good view of the road ahead. Like all of BMW’s motorcycles, the price of admission may be on the steep side, but BMW’s bike are normally just broken in about the time that other motorcycles are approaching worn out. If BMW had a better dealer network in the United States, I’m sure they’d sell even more bikes.

So is the BMW F800R the Swiss Army Knife of motorcycles? Is it the best choice for commuting and weekend fun? I won’t spoil Matt’s review, so check out his opinion of the BMW F800R in the video below.

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2 Responses

  1. Rob says:

    The smoking tire. Do like the motorcycle reviews. More bmw bike the f800gt specifically