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The Smoking Tire Flogs BMW’s 1 Series M

Posted in BMW, Car Reviews, Cool Stuff, European Review, Videos by Kurt Ernst | November 1st, 2011 | Leave a Reply |

There’s plenty to like about the new BMW 1 Series M, including 335 horsepower in a 3,300 pound coupe with an M suspension and M brakes. There’s also something not to like about it, and that’s the fact that production has all but sold out, with the remaining cars being offered by dealers for bend-over-grab-your-ankles-and-squeal-like-a-pig prices. BMW set out to create an affordable car for young enthusiasts, but instead created a pricey toy for the affluent or a museum piece for speculators who believe the car’s $50k asking price will go nowhere but up.

Mike’s driven the 1 Series M, and his take on the car mirrors Matt’s. It’s a superb driver’s car, which only makes its price and unavailability sting that much more. Us common folk won’t be able to enjoy it, but we can enjoy a video review courtesy of Matt Farah and The Smoking Tire.

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