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The Smoking Tire Drives The BMW M3 Competition Coupe

Posted in BMW, European Review, Videos by Kurt Ernst | May 11th, 2011 | 2 Responses |

Surprisingly, The Smoking Tire (and its predecessor, Garage 419) has never tested a BMW M3. Chalk it up to availability or circumstance, but Matt Farah’s never wrung out the highest performance 3 Series prior to this video. As he points out, this may be your last chance to buy an M3 with a naturally aspirated V8, which is worth the price of admission for the exhaust note alone. Future M3s are likely to come with turbocharged six-cylinder engines, in an effort to reduce emissions and boost fuel economy. In a perfect world, that’s what 1 Series diesels are for, but even BMW is growing increasingly paranoid over tightening fuel economy regulations in the US and the EU. See Matt’s take on the M3 Competition Coupe in the video below.

Seventy five thousand dollars is a lot of money, but few cars are as well balanced as the M3. There were six M3s on this year’s One Lap of America, including the car that finished 12th overall and took top honors in the Luxury Sedan category. If you’ve never driven one, it’s worth the effort to track down an understanding owner, but be warned: once you’ve tossed an M3 into a series of corners, it’s awfully hard to resist buying your own.

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2 Responses

  1. MDriver says:

    Nice review on the M3….Matt had to wait a couple of years because I would not let him drive mine…LOL
    that aside I agree, it will be a sad day when the “M” brand is fully FI…part of the mystique of “M” motors was that magical 100hp per litre of displacement attained by the E46 M3 & E60 M5…Matt is also spot on when he says it is not about the numbers….it is not the quickest/fastest car on the road but as a total package there are VERY few cars that compare…
    a minor point of fact though…the E30 was is fact built to satisfy homologation rules for BMW to compete in the DTM…so the engineers took a standard E30…and dropped in a killer S14 motor..new suspension/brakes/gearbox and some boyracer flares…and a legend was born!
    BTW Nice site Mike!

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