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The Silence PT2: the all-electric vehicle you can buy

Posted in Alt Fuels, Electric Cars by Sean | May 5th, 2009 | Leave a Reply |
The Silence PT2 

The Silence PT2

Meet the Silence PT2, a high-speed electric 3-wheeled vehicle from Canadian manufacturer Silence Inc that you can actually buy…or put in an order to buy. Weighing in at 900 lbs and able to reach top speeds of 125+ mph, the Silence PT2 certainly looks like it would be a fun vehicle to rip around in, especially for those who would enjoy riding a motorcycle but are a little shaky on 2 wheels. The price, however, is probably going to be a bit of an issue. At $50,000 Canadian (about $42,700 US), it’s safe to say this is an expensive vehicle, even with the fact that no gasoline will ever have to be purchased.

Still, it is unique, quite rare, distinct and appealing in its lines and style, and very likely the quickest thing from a stand-still most people have ever had the experience to drive. Hopefully Silence Inc. will sell quite a few of these 3-wheelered machines so they can lower the price a bit with greater demand all while developing the next generation electric vehicle which is hopefully cheaper still.

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