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The search is on for fuel efficient cars

Posted in Toyota by davidallen | May 21st, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

There are many factors that we accept for the popularity of certain cars, like how many we see, what models, and who is buying what car and why, but since the internet has been with this has made the search for information on vehicles completely different and yet at the same time, we are able to get more information for ourselves on what everyone else is looking at and for what reasons.


Online car and vehicle sites such as Cars.com can show potential car buyers and sellers what the growing trends are simply because of the volume of business that goes through the site; this may be from sellers, buyers and even research being done by users of the site.

The top search terms for New Cars with largest increase in searches for April 2007 are.

Rank Vehicle Percentage

1. Honda Civic Hybrid 15%
2. Volkswagen Jetta 9%
3. Toyota Yaris 9%
4. Jeep Patriot 8%
5. Mercedes C-Class 7%
6. Toyota Prius 7%
7. BMW 335 7%
8. Ford Mustang 7%
9. Toyota Corolla 5%
10. Chevrolet Cobalt 4%

This is only one resource, clearly if someone is researching for data like this, then it should be done over more than just one site, by rather three or more, this would give a better average and allow the user to gain a far greater wide ranging result.

It is a bit of a surprise to find that the Prius is way down in sixth place; maybe they just go direct to the dealer as they already know what they are looking for!

Source [Automotive Blogger]

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