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The Ruby Pavilion Now With A Visor: It’s Called The Belvedere

Posted in Motorcycle, Safety, Sportbikes by Vito Rispo | December 16th, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

Ruby is one step closer to making the ultimate helmet. We’ve talked about how much we love the Ruby Pavilion series back in October. Chrome and lambskin and carbon fiber and and class… they really are the best looking helmets around. Everything about them is aesthetically perfect.

Unfortunately for me and for people who value the structure of their face, open face helmets aren’t the first choice for high speed highway driving. If I had the $800 dollars to spend on a Ruby Pavilion, I’d only ever wear it on a scooter or on a slow ride around the suburbs. I stand by my endorsement of full-face helmets.

But Ruby has made a compromise, the Ruby Belvedere, which comes with a visor available in different shades. The visor offers a tad bit more protection while you’re riding, not so much from any kind of impact badness as from insects and dirt. It no doubt has the same high quality of the Pavilion series, but the hinge could stand to be smaller and the visor might fit better with the helmet if it had some chrome trim along the underside; maybe not, who knows. No price anywhere, but it’ll probably be even more than the $800 dollar Pavilion. Hopefully one day Ruby will make a full-face series, that I’d buy.

Another pic:

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