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The Riley Track Day Car: Heaven on Four Wheels

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Riley Track Day Car

Over the years I’ve managed to amass quite a few adrenaline medals. I’ve jumped out of planes, been flung off bridges with bungee cords around my ankles, dragged my knees through corners at 100 + mph on race bikes and run the banks of Daytona at over 160 mph in a track prepped Porsche GT3 RS. So yes, I have a pretty good idea of what it feels like to go full tilt and dance on that ragged edge. For some, the idea of speed is frightening, for me though it’s pure heaven on earth. Until now I thought the closest I would ever get to nirvana was racing motorcycles, as it is the one sport where you are truly one with your machine. However last week I was given the rare opportunity to run side seat in what was probably one of the most outstanding pieces of engineering available to the public.

Riley Track Day Car
*Photo Credit: RileyTech.com

The Riley Technologies Track Car weighs in at under 2,500 lbs, can be had with either a 600 hp aluminum 6.2-liter GM LS3 or a 650 hp 5.8-liter Dinan tuned BMW V10. It has air conditioning, isn’t street legal, and will decimate any other car you happen to come upon at a raceway. It IS pure driving heaven for those who have the title of “EXPERT” on their driving resume and will set you back a cool $250,000 when properly equipped. As I wedged my 6-foot 4-inch, 245 lb. frame into the passenger seat of the Riley I realized I was in the cockpit of something very special. As we pulled out of the pits and listened to the whine of the sequential gearbox I understood the engineering that went into this beast, and when we ran the back straight at Monticello Motor Club at 167 mph with absolutely no drama whatsoever, I thought about what body parts I could sell in order to obtain one of these things.

The Riley Track Day Car is what driving was meant to be and provides the pilot with full immersion into the realm of high performance. It’s not for the masses, nor is it for those whose ego dictates how they live. Put simply, the Riley Track Day Car is one of the best high performance driving experiences money can buy.

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3 Responses

  1. ds440 says:

    Holy bajezzus, that car is awesome! Riley certainly has made a name for themselves in Daytona Prototypes. Once again, I’m uber-jealous….