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The Popes car was for sale on eBay!

Posted in General, Volkswagen by Corey | April 16th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

Ordinarily the sale of a car through auction site eBay would not really warrant the attention, yet here we are talking about an old VW Golf that has been on sale for a couple of weeks, the car is a 1999 VW Golf there is no indication as to what model or to what it uses as fuel, I could hazard a guess but that would just be in bad taste.


The car is a UK registered vehicle and is still in the country, originally the car is said to have been owned by a person named Joseph Ratzinger who at the time was a cardinal, he of course is better known these days as Pope Benedict XVI, and there is documentation to support this. The car was obtained by a Benjamin Halbe who upon receiving the document realised that the former keeper was his holiness, so naturally he put it onto the eBay and promptly sold it for $216,000 back in May 2005, there is no word on how much he paid for it, but I am suspecting that he made a fair profit out of the deal.


New owners the casino group Golden Palace put the car back up for sale on eBay a couple weeks ago and on Saturday the auctioned ended, over the period that the car was on sale for the pages had over 195,000 hits, yet the bidding it is believed, did not reach the reserve price with the highest bid being only a mere $200,000, well guys you have to allow for some depreciation!


As the car is located in the UK, the sellers had announced that 40% of the proceeds from the sale, would go to a charity called Habitat for Humanity of Great Britain, we will have to wait and see if there is a winning bid and what will be planned next for the VW Golf, that was once driven by the Pope, Oh! If only cars could talk!

Source [North County Times]

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