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The Perfect Datsun 510: And It’s For Sale

Posted in Car Auctions, car modifications, Collector Cars, Compact Cars, Favorite Cars, Nissan, Old Cars by Alex Kierstein | August 3rd, 2009 | 6 Responses |


We here at RideLust are fond of (you might even say, lust after) all sorts of cars – from the newest Corvette ZR-1 to such classic J-tin as this amazing Datsun 510. The 510 (often called the poor man’s BMW 2002) has long been known as a driver’s car, packing fully independent suspension, RWD, and a sporty SOHC four-banger that was always easily modded for more power. Other Datsun/Nissan products are commonly raided for upgrades, and that’s the situation here, with this 510 packing all the best bits cherry-picked from a variety of its fellow Nissans. Make the jump to read more about the mods.


Honestly, we could take or leave the green – it’s not our favorite color on a classic Datsun, and it’s actually a Ford paint code at that. The original Datsun orange is always a favorite. That being said, we have no bones to pick about the drivetrain – the KA24 2.4 liter engine, despite being a truck motor, is stout and makes good power. It was found in the 240SX too – in this application, it’s making a very reliable 175 HP, more than enough to propel a 510 to extra-legal speeds. It’s backed up by a 280Z 5-speed and a limited-slip rear end. Add full suspension, full Wilwood disc brakes, and an absolutely killer OMP 2-spoke wheel, you’ve got one perfect Datsun. As the guys at Japanese Nostalgic Car will inevitably say, “kidney, anyone?” Jump over to BAT for more.


[Source: BAT]

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6 Responses

  1. katie says:

    I always hate it when people ask obvious questions, but I can’t seem to find my answer; how much is the car for sale?

  2. Alex Kierstein says:

    @katie: check here: http://bringatrailer.com/2009/08/03/bat-exclusive-1972-datsun-510-hot-rod/

    it is linked to at the bottom where it says “source”

  3. crazy chris says:

    yes love the 510 cant tell what year is it still avalable if so please let me know seriouse buyer with cash, and if not still looking for one thanks crazy chris of oregon

  4. willy says:

    how much for this one and in what conditions is it

  5. mohamed bahar says:

    hi i see your car its so good how much

  6. Spencer Rutter says:

    I would love some more info on this beautiful ride