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The Penalty-Laden Japanese Grand Prix: Complete Race Results

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I hate to see penalties in a F1 race. It taints the whole thing. The race is ruined if it comes down to subtracting seconds at the end, luckily, even after 3 major penalties, this race ended in a fairly solid note. Fernando Alonso raced so perfectly that I don’t think anyone could have touched him.

Right off the bat, Lewis Hamilton got in a tangle with Raikkonen, then Massa, then got spun around, and eventually ended up at the pack of the pack AND got a penalty. At that point he was essentially out of the race. Then the other McLaren driver, Kovalainen, had a hydraulics failure, so almost immediately, both McLaren cars were assured 0 points.

Robert Kubica had a stellar race, though, and was in first for a while actually, but Alonso just raced too perfectly.

Both of the cars from my favorite team, Toro Rosso, did well, and my personal favorite, Sebastian Vettel, had a great showing. I think he’s definitely going to be a big name in this sport as he gets older. Within the next year or so, he’ll probably get picked up by one of the senior teams. Unfortunately for the other Toro Rosso driver, Sebastian Bourdais, he picked up a nonsense penalty for a “collision” with Massa and lost 25 seconds off his time.

Despite the penalties, it was a great race, and Alonso performed superbly. Still, even with only 2 races left, the season is to close to call.

Check out the three penalties:

Here are the complete race results

1 ALONSO Renault 1h30m21.892s
2 KUBICA BMW Sauber + 5.2s
3 RÄIKKÖNEN Ferrari + 6.4s
4 PIQUET Renault + 20.5s
5 TRULLI Toyota + 23.7s
6 VETTEL STR-Ferrari + 39.2s
7 MASSA Ferrari + 46.1s
8 WEBBER Red Bull-Renault + 50.8s
9 HEIDFELD BMW Sauber + 54.1s
10 BOURDAIS STR-Ferrari + 59.0s
11 ROSBERG Williams-Toyota + 62.0s
12 HAMILTON McLaren-Mercedes + 78.9s
13 BARRICHELLO Honda + 1 lap
14 BUTTON Honda + 1 lap
15 NAKAJIMA Williams-Toyota + 1 lap
16 FISICHELLA Force India-Ferrari + 45 laps, gearbox
17 KOVALAINEN McLaren-Mercedes + 50 laps, engine
18 SUTIL Force India-Ferrari + 58 laps, puncture
19 GLOCK Toyota + 60 laps, accident damage
20 COULTHARD Red Bull-Renault + 66 laps, accident
Fastest Lap MASSA Ferrari 1m18.426s

NOTE: Bourdais was initially classified sixth, but had 25 seconds added to his race time for a collision with Massa.

Driver’s Championship Standings

1 HAMILTON McLaren-Mercedes 84 Points
2 MASSA Ferrari 79 Points
3 KUBICA BMW Sauber 72 Points
4 RÄIKKÖNEN Ferrari 63 Points
5 HEIDFELD BMW Sauber 56 Points
6 KOVALAINEN McLaren-Mercedes 51 Points
7 ALONSO Renault 48 Points
8 VETTEL STR-Ferrari 30 Points
9 TRULLI Toyota 30 Points
10 WEBBER Red Bull-Renault 21 Points
11 GLOCK Toyota 20 Points
12 PIQUET Renault 18 Points
13 ROSBERG Williams-Toyota 17 Points
14 BARRICHELLO Honda 11 Points
15 NAKAJIMA Williams-Toyota 9 Points
16 COULTHARD Red Bull-Renault 8 Points
17 BOURDAIS STR-Ferraro 4 Points
18 BUTTON Honda 3 Points

NOTE: Super Aguri withdrew from the championship after round four.

Constructor’s Championship Standings

1 FERRARI 142 Points
3 BMW SAUBER 128 Points
4 RENAULT 66 Points
5 TOYOTA 50 Points
6 STR-FERRARI 34 Points
9 HONDA 14 Points

NOTE: Super Aguri withdrew from the championship after round four.

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