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The NHTSA Is Coming For Your Soul

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2010 Kia Soul

OK, so maybe they’re not coming for your Soul, but they are launching an investigation into the 2010 Kia Soul after receiving a complaint about steering shaft failure. On one 2010 Kia Soul, the steering shaft became detached from the steering wheel, which resulted in a loss of directional control. Worse, the steering shaft blocked the brake pedal assembly, leading to diminished braking ability on top of steering loss. The Soul in question had racked up just 4,300 miles since purchase, and the (lucky) driver was able to avoid an accident.

The NHTSA investigation could lead to a recall of some 51,000 Kia Souls built for the 2010 model year. A single event usually doesn’t trigger an NHTSA investigation, but the severity of the incident (loss of steering and reduced braking ability on a virtually new car) attracted the agency’s attention. Kia is fully cooperating and will work with the NHTSA on a quick resolution.

Source: Carscoop

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