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The Most Complicated Parking Sign Of All Time

Posted in Pictures by Robert | February 13th, 2010 | 12 Responses |

Let me consult my calendar … so confused.

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12 Responses

  1. jojo jenkins says:

    im guessing you cant count either?

  2. ozz says:

    hahahaa… so complicated..

  3. mer says:

    I feel that they did the best they could have with the complex task laid out before them. I would make no changes to this design.

  4. Drew says:

    I’ve seen signs similar to this near Wrigley Field in Chicago to keep the streets clear during home games.

  5. I’ll just come in October and be good with it.

  6. John WOods says:

    Wow, I wouldnt park anywhere near that sign ANY time at all.


  7. fotos says:

    I don’t think its that confusing, you simply need to know what they of the month is.

  8. Antares says:

    Thats not complicated…

    1.Black numbers and white background means = 10Am to 6Pm
    2.White numbers and black background means = 4Pm To 12Am

    If you park on those days you are going to be towed away…
    Probably people work from that time and need those spaces to park.

    Just park Jan feb Oc and Dec and you be allright! :)

  9. Ron says:

    is this in sf by the giants’ ball park? So it’s basically a calendar of home games?

  10. so … we can only park between midnight & 10AM?

  11. velvetflower says:

    I’ll take that as a NO.

  12. internetname says:

    If this sign confuses you, maybe you should just walk.