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The Monticello Motor Club: I’m Wealthy on the Inside

Posted in Celebrity Cars, Fast Cars, Gas Guzzlers, Racing by Vito Rispo | September 8th, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

I like fast cars and silver canes and Pernod. I’m a wealthy man trapped in an average man’s body. It’s a shame really, there should be surgery for people like me. Surgically implant money into my pockets.

The Monticello Motor Club is my kind of place, but of course, they’d never accept me because of my condition. They’d call me a freak.
They just don’t understand.

Just like Ascari in Spain, the Monticello Motor Club is a country club for very wealthy car enthusiasts, located about 90 minutes from New York City. Most of the members have a net worth of over $20 million.

Drivers who pay the $125,000 entry fee still have to pay $7,500 in annual dues. Discrimination against transclass people like me I guess.

It’s still being completed, but eventually, members will have access to a huge clubhouse featuring 30,000 square feet of contemporary architecture. And luxury amenities include five-star dining, full spa, exercise facility, pro-shop and private member lounge. But that’s not why people are joining. The centerpiece though, the whole purpose of this place, is the 22 turn, 4.1 mile road course where you can go as fast as you like.

The design of the road course is the first combined effort of Brian Redman, world-famous driving champion and winner of 77 races in 12 countries, and Bruce Hawkins, the preeminent architect of next generation racetracks. “MMC’s track will be among the best in the world,” said Mr. Redman. “The turns
and challenges will excite drivers of all levels,” he added.

“It’s the most exciting thing I’ve ever done,” said Bill McMichael, head man at the MMC. “I’ve played almost every sport you can imagine. Nothing gives me the same sensation, the excitement, the thrill of driving a really fast car on a track.”
I’m with you, Bill.

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